Start of a New Decade

Happy new year everyone! As we enter the new roaring 20’s decade, I will be blogging and sharing my thoughts more frequently and regularly, hope to spark some good discussions and smart conversation with you all 🙂

مع حلول العقد الجديد سأشرع بالتدوين ومشاركة المحتوى بشكل أكثر انتظاماً ، واتمنى ان الحوار الهادف والبناء مع الجميع.


مجمتع ريادة الأعمال السعودي

 تلاقي الشركات السعودية الناشئة دعنا ملحوظا ونموا فائقا في الوقت الحالي ، تبعا للتغيرات الاقتصادية النبثقة من رؤية 2030. في الاشهر الاخيرة قد قمت باحصاء وتجميع اسماء ما يزيد عن 350 شركة ناشئة في مختلف المجالات التقنية والتي تم عرضها باحدى الحاضنات او المسرعات او المعارض بالمملكة ، وتم تنسيق شعاراتها مجتمعة في الشكل ادناه. اتمنى من القراء ابلاغي بأحدث اخبار شركاتهم اذا كانت ضمن المعروضات في هذها الشكل ، او تعريفنا عن الشركة اذا كانت غير مضمونة هنا ليتم نشر اخر التطورات في مجتمعنا الريادي بعون الله. ب

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AI Revolution?

Hi all, no doubt that artificial intelligence is rising fast and strong. We’ve all seen recent examples like the new Google bots that can communicate over the phone with natural human speech and responsiveness, advanced machine learning applications and the like. I’ve recently read some books that foresee a complete revolution coming in this field, such as the semi-fictional novel “Origin” by Dan Brown which shows AI sort of taking over the world, and also the business book “Life 3.0” by Max Tegmark which predicts all the various human-like functions AI will soon be able to do.

As no one knows what may really happen, wanted to open this topic for discussion and welcome any comments of thoughts on the current and future state of AI!

Smartphone Wonders

I was thinking recently about the number of old devices which the modern smartphones has replaced in our lives, I counted 20 so far perhaps you can add some more that I may have missed?

Phone book
Music player
Video player
Voice recorder
Still camera
Video camera
Alarm clock
Book reader
Photo album
Health monitor
Game console
GPS / navigation