December 20, 2020

How I “reprogrammed” my taste for sugars

A lot of people struggle with giving up sugar, as most people have a big craving for it and are used to the way it tastes in drinks, desserts and such; the so-called “sweet tooth”! Gradually over the span of the last ten years or so, I completely almost cut it out of my diet. I started by psychologically manipulating myself into hating it and slowly cutting it out of the things I eat and drink, such as tea, coffee etc.  In the beginning, I used to drink tea with sugar but I gradually started using less and less sugar. […]
December 14, 2020

Exercises that I currently focus on

Generally, I prefer to exercise my entire body rather than just one area. I don’t fall into the trap of exclusively focusing on visible muscles, as one has to focus on their whole body and have a good balance.  Lately I took a break from working on the larger muscle groups and started focusing more on my core section, or the abdominal area, commonly known as abs and obliques.  There are 4 separate muscles that contribute to your overall abdominal development. Each of them has a different, yet important role to play. They are: ▶️ Transverse Abdominis – this is […]
November 22, 2020

My special mix of supplements

I take around 15 supplement tablets a day! They are divided to be taken with each meal. At the start of each week, I sort them place them into the pill divider for easier access. These include:  🔹 Multivitamins  🔹 Omega 3  🔹 Vitamin C  🔹 Vitamin D 🔹 Apple cider vinegar capsules 🔹 Zinc & Magnesium 🔹 ALA & CoQ10 🔹 Bodybuilding supplements  🔹 Green veggies powder 🔹 Melatonin for night time I believe this has helped immensely with immunity — especially the first half of the list, as I haven’t caught a cold or flu for the past […]