A first-of-a-kind compilation book of travel insights and learnings from the people who travel most — flight crews, digital nomads & bloggers!

This inspirational book is coming soon (Summer 2020) and will be loaded with amazing stories, cultural experiences and pro tips from the world’s most frequent & savvy travelers

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Full Description

Travel is an amazing thing isn’t it? From the dawn of humanity people have been looking to the skies and starts wondering how to explore them, and now that it has become so easy for us to trot around the globe everyone tries to seize any chance they get for a healthy dose of adventure and culture discovery. Since the time of famous explorers like Magellan, da Gama and ibn Battuta, mankind has always been striving to see what lies just beyond the horizon even if it meant taking some risks on the way!

We each travel for different reasons: some for tourism with family or friends, some for business or service duty, some to blog and document their experiences. In our modern age, many of us have become digital nomads with a globally mobile “office,” managing their online startups and creative work or freelance activities from any location on the planet. Over the years I have traveled for all of the purposes mentioned here at one time or another, and certainly carry a multitude of fun stories and interesting encounters nearly as much as the dozens of other frequent travelers interviewed for this book!

Let’s not forget the most constant travelers of all – the amazing flight crews that help us conduct our own travels in safety and comfort! This special bunch is always on the move, jumping on planes daily and laying over in every corner of the globe. Besides the great work they do, their travels put them in a position to deal with all sorts of people from different culture and learn many useful life skills. I have placed a special focus on them here to catch their unique experiences, along with other insightful entries from digital nomads and travel bloggers.

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