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على مدى السنوات الخمس الماضية ، شاركت في العديد من المشاريع الناشئة في مجال التقنية ، كما لا زلت اتابع الافكار الواعدة والصيحات الجديدة الواعدة عند ظهورها. أصف أدناه بعض هذه المشاريع التي تم وضعها مؤقتًا على أمل أن تسمع أفكارك وملاحظاتك عليها إذا كنت تعتقد أنه يمكن إحيائها ببعض التعديلات المقترحة أو ترغب في تقديم أي دعم. ر

QuizMatch App

This is a new social app concept where users can connect with other based on shared interests, making a mental connection at first without seeing any visual cues (photos etc.)

Users basically enter some questions as a “quiz” which is then used to screen other users before allowing the connection to occur. Users who can solve each others’ quiz can be connected through the app.

More details can be found on the app’s website and also in the videos below. The app is also available for download on both stores.

StartupCentral Platform

هذه منصة مركزية على الإنترنت لتوصيل جميع مونات منظومة ومجتمع رواد الاعمال في مكان واحد ، لتسهيل التواصل والتعاون بينهم. الكيانات المشمولة هي مؤسسي الشركات الناشئة ، والمستثمرين ، والحاضنات ، والمسرعات ، والجامعات ، والهيئات الرسمية ، ومقدمي الخدمات الذين يخدمون للشركات الناشئة. وقد نمت المنصة في عام 2015 لتخدم عدة آلاف من المستخدمين وتضمنت أنواع مختلفة من المعلومات المفيدة مثل تقاويم الأحداث والصور ومنتديات المناقشة وزوايا الخبراء والويكي والتحديثات التنظيمية والتواصل الجتماعي ومقابلات الفيديو مع الرياديين. كما رعت المنصة عشرات الفعاليات والمسابقات ، حيث قدمت جوائز ومزايا لأصحاب المشاريع الريادية في المنطقة. و


LunchMatcher App

An innovative networking app utilizing lunch breaks and office proximity to bring working professionals together during lunch. Users simply connect using LinkedIn, and the app will provide them a daily match with a new person based on common location and time availability. The app has many unique features as shown below, and had received large media acclaim and traction during its trial run in Dubai back in 2016.


Also these videos illustrate the operational concept better and the use cases it fills.

I believe this app has huge potential and can serve an important networking need in many cosmopolitan cities if grown globally. More information available on the facebook page.

Job Connections Platform

A new concept in the recruitment field, this platform is candidate-centric and provides a VIP job placement services for job seekers who wish to stand out from the applicant crowds and reach the hiring managers’ desks directly. Therefore it operates as a paid service for candidates with no cost to employers.

The mechanism uses HR expertise to shortlist only 3 top candidates for each role, whom are precisely matched to fit not only the job requirements but also the target company’s internal culture and the candidate’s own preferences.

The business model includes premium listing fees from candidates (seeking priority treatment), fees for consulting services such as resume review and interview preparation, and a placement fee as a portion of the salary after successful hire.

This platform was also tested in the UAE in the years 2014-15 and had great traction, collected more than 10,000 applications who were ready to pay and nearly 30,000 social media followers, but ultimately held due to job shortages following the recent economic downturn in the region.

The videos below explain the operational concept from both the candidate and employer sides:

Viral Talents Platform

This talent discovery platform was created to help global youth find additional income sources by monetizing their artistic talents. Since only a tiny percentage of people are selected into the popular TV talent shows, we wanted to offer an alternative by providing an open online forum for people to submit their own talent videos, and be judged by all online viewers instead of a limited panel of TV judges.

In a pilot run during 2015, the platform received dozens of submissions to be displayed on its YouTube channel and a winner was selected by video popularity. As can be seen in the clips below, a lot of art and design went into the project’s promotional materials in order to set it apart in the talent space.

The facebook page with over 6,000 fans is also available for viewing.

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