December 24, 2020

My process for coaching & mentoring entrepreneurs

There is a large number of aspiring entrepreneurs around the world who are eager to build new companies, solve problems and improve things around them. Most of them want to jump straight into success and create business to get customers. However, they would need to be more patient as these things don’t have overnight! There are a few steps that they would have to take first such as: Build a really good team that are experts in the industry market and specialized in a wide range of different fields such as finance, marketing, human resources etc.  Test the market opportunity […]
December 13, 2020

What I’m currently learning at Stanford

I am currently pursuing an Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate with Stanford University. It is an online program that is accessible at any time, and there’s a wide range of course topics to choose any 8 you prefer. I personally found this program to be very useful; as it opened my mind to a lot of ideas about innovation strategies and entrepreneurship, and how to manage them. Being at the heart of Silicon Valley, Stanford has lots of alumni who have become top entrepreneurs and industry experts in the area and come back to be guest speakers in these course, sharing their […]
December 12, 2020

Entrepreneur I’ve Learn From: Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey is a biohacker and an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. Other top entrepreneurs there asked him to create biological hacks to improve their mental sharpness. The reason is that most busy founder/managers don’t have the time to exercise for hours and spend a lot of time watching what they’re eating. Therefore, they wanted tricks and tips on how to improve their mental performance and manage their weight without spending too much time. In response, Dave created something that he called “The Bulletproof Diet” to give them exactly what they want, and it became a mega hit all over the […]
December 9, 2020

Why I left the corporate life

I worked with large, multinational companies for over 14 years. Learned lots of things in the earlier years, but then became mostly boring and reptitive work — dealing with corporate politics and ladders etc. What I realized is that working in a corporate environment doesn’t give you much freedom with your work, nor does it allow you to be as creative as you’d want. People don’t get the chance to use their full mental capabilities because corporations follow a certain set system which cannot be eaily changed. I believe that part of their system is outdated. Such as, sitting in […]
December 7, 2020

Harsh mistakes I’ve learned from as an entrepreneur

When launching a new company or idea in early stages, it is extremely hard to find support from the market and investors, as opposed to popular belief. That was a very hard lesson to learn because you spend a lot of money and take a big risk on yourself, but may end up losing it all because there isn’t any investment or support.  Not just that, but most service providers also don’t offer their support because they’re not used to working with startups. They mostly work with big already well established companies and have their service packages setup/priced accordingly. If […]
November 27, 2020

The reasons I write my books and blogs

I create content that goes into several blogs and eBooks in multiple languages, all distributed freely at no cost. Why? 🔥 I seek to inspire global youth — the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs, leaders and career professionals — to find what drives them and fuels them, what sets them alight with passion and how to unlock their talents in order to shape their dreams and aspirations into reality! 🔥 I aim to present novel topics that will spark a journey of self-discovery in everyone, to find the best version of themselves and can help them decide which kind of […]
November 23, 2020

Jobs are dead —start a business instead!

Traditional “9 to 5” jobs have taken a big hit after the recent pandemic. People are getting used to working from home anyway, and found all the easy technologies available to do so So the question is — if you’re working from home, why stick to one job? Get creative! Start your own thing! Do freelancing, consulting, advising… Create some art or music or a simple product… Hussle up and start you own business… There has never been a cheaper or easier time to put up a website or app, or start any creative online pursuit Spreading the word is […]