December 20, 2020

How I “reprogrammed” my taste for sugars

A lot of people struggle with giving up sugar, as most people have a big craving for it and are used to the way it tastes in drinks, desserts and such; the so-called “sweet tooth”! Gradually over the span of the last ten years or so, I completely almost cut it out of my diet. I started by psychologically manipulating myself into hating it and slowly cutting it out of the things I eat and drink, such as tea, coffee etc.  In the beginning, I used to drink tea with sugar but I gradually started using less and less sugar. […]
November 30, 2020

How I lost weight and got toned

I use fiber and healthy fats in my diet to keep me feeling full 🥑🥥🥜 Some examples are: Natural butter or ghee (pref. organic/grass-fed) Nuts and nut oils, nut-based bars Olive oil (extra virgin, cold press) Tropical oils/butters (cocunut & avocado) ➡️ Mix these in foods and drinks, including soups and smoothies ➡️ The taste will be fine and easy to get used to ➡️ Helps to keep from craving other things! See more details on my nutrition blog