Antenor Teixeira Neto

From: Brazil, Salvador-Bahia.

Age: 26 years

Activity: Marketing Manager – Northeast Brazil at AB-InBev.

Music is my passion. I was born in Salvador (Bahia, Brazil), one of the world’s music capitals, where Michael Jackson recorded “They don’t care about us” with Olodum. Our culture influenced me in some way that I decided to learn how to play drums at 12. What I didn’t know is that it tells more about me than I would expect. 

Strong dedication. The drummer is the first to arrive and last to leave, with an extra mile of commitment to deal with a complex set of pieces. 

I’m son of Antenor Teixeira Filho and Adeilda Mercês Oliveira. If my story was a song, the intro would start when I wasn’t born yet. As well as many other families in Brazil, my grandparents had to overcome poverty during their childhood and education was the only way out. They thrive over their huge efforts, even dealing with tough social conditions. That’s a core value I bring all my life: strong dedication. Whereas my parents had better conditions, they focused a major part of their resources into my education, what allowed me to compete for broader career paths and made me strive to compensate all their work.

Open mind for new references. Musicians improve their performances based on new connections.

While I did well in chemistry and mathematics, I also dreamed about producing something that people would see in the markets, buy and use in day-to-day life, so Chemical Engineering seemed to be the direct match. Then I thought: it sounds a bit crazy buy why not to try the best university in Brazil? A few months later, I arrived at UNICAMP (University of Campinas) and it looked like a dream. Ironically, Engineering was what I learned last. There were so many different people and things to do, that in the very first semester my mind was blowing inside three student organizations.

To make the group better than its individuals. Drummers deal with a complex set of separated pieces that will turn into a powerful instrument together. 

All of these groups expanded my mind, knowledge and connected me to a bunch of brilliant minds that taught me a lot. I started to understand that there is a huge universe of possibilities to work on and shape how the world is gonna work in the future. Actually, I was almost addicted to these groups and challenges, which were highly distinct. From a child education NGO, helping on finance and management, to a junior enterprise where I became president, triplicated revenues with my team, when we were awarded as management excellence model in São Paulo. From a consulting challenge (Bain & Company), presenting for a real CEO, to a business modelling competition, using UNICAMP patents from scratch, in which we were awarded with a giant cash check similar to what we watch on TV Shows. Great stories and learnings. Again, all about mind expansion, great people connections and future vision. 

The ultimate experience was allowed by a government sponsorship, to be an exchange student at UNSW (Sydney, Australia) in 2015. Even more diversity of cultures, accents and lifestyles. I joint a Chinese group for a startup competition, where we piloted a new type of vending machines, selling soft drinks based on variable volume. We made a cardboard box as our MVP, carrying and selling bottles in public parks to validate our value proposal (the customer was actually served by one of us behind the box). Working with an extremely different team and living one year in a developed country was an intense life learning with so many aspects compared to Brazil as an emerging one. That made me and my colleagues think about the immense opportunities and duty we have to improve conditions.

To set the rhythm. Drummers drive the dynamics of themselves and the group, leading through the path, ups and downs.

Back to Brazil, I started my career in improvement engineering at Dow Chemical Company, in order to practice what I learnt at University. Despite the incredible colleagues and projects, I missed the excitement of market dynamics, creating new strategies to adapt to the future. That’s when I joint Insights team at AB-InBev, working close to market trends strategies that have big impact on the business. A year later, I went back to Salvador to work in the regional marketing team.

I always asked myself: will it work out? An engineer in the marketing team? Turns out I had the best years of my yet short professional life, delivering all time high results with my team. We have changed the shape of marketing strategies, closer to consumers, being present throughout the entire year with relevant campaigns and initiatives. That makes me really proud: to be closer to the people, understanding and participating on their culture journeys.

The combination of engineering, marketing and entrepreneurship motivates me to build legacy and shape the future in some way. Why not to connect a big brand to promote and create a pipeline for low-income artists that didn’t have opportunities in the past, due to biased music producers and media channels? Why not to work on big data to better understand social preferences and offer better services and products? At the end of the day, it’s not about an exact milestone in the future, it’s about cutting edge transformation improving peoples lives. I’m right about two things: first, there will always be a blank space to reach and second, if there isn’t, well… I still haven’t expanded my mind enough.

Antonio Arizpe

Antonio Arizpe

From: Monterrey, Mexico.

Age: 21 years

Activity: Entrepreneur and college student.

For many years I believed that you can be as successful as you want to be if you put in the work and the persistence to achieve your dreams, but lately I have realized that in many places this far from the truth for the average men. In my beloved country, I have seen a lot of things; injustices, abuse of power, violence, discrimination, and racism and surprisingly, I have also seen that the people that have less are the most generous and always make time to give a helping hand. 

That is why I take really personal the fight to give better opportunities for the less fortunate. I strongly think that in order to change my community I have to prepare myself and give the best of me as a student, entrepreneur, leader, son, brother and friend, to be ready to take on big responsibilities when the time comes.

My family is from the small city of Monclova, Coahuila and I currently live in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, which is the best city for young entrepreneurs. We have always been from the working class, but my parents taught me that persistence, integrity, and hard work can open any door. That is why even though we don’t come from much I have gotten scholarships to study abroad, take classes at the MIT and at The Wharton School and to get a full scholarship to study at one of the best school centers of Mexico, The University of Monterrey where I am majoring on Economics and thanks to the education that I am receiving I have been able to start a successful business and export products all around North America. 

On my philosophy I think that if I am given opportunities and blessings, I should be a bridge to give others the same chances that I got. That is why I take a big role on organizations that help and try to improve their community, I have founded, participated, and take leadership roles on organizations like Rotary International and Techo Mexico. Nowadays I have a directive position at an international organization named PROVS (Programa para la Vida Sustentable), where we work with the United Nations, governments, and universities to empower refugees, native populations, and people in vulnerable conditions all around the world. 

I don´t know what the future holds for me, I certainly have a notion of what I want to be doing, but life is so unpredictable, and things can change in a matter of seconds. What I do know is that I am quite optimistic of where the world is headed. 

I see a much freer world, I see the end of inequality and injustices, I am sure that we are going to figure out a way to provide great education for every kid in the world, good and enough food for every family, medicines and a health system accessible for every man that is sick, governments with better policies that ensure that no one is left behind, businessmen that care not only about profit but the impact they create on the communities and thanks to innovation and technology our creativity is our only limit. 

And even though I don’t know where I am going to be on the next years, I know I want to be one of the persons of this generation that leads to these changes and I want to invite you to be one of them too, because we are all rising stars as long as we understand that our purpose shouldn’t be to accumulate wealth or have power but to help people and take action on what the world needs. 


Bruno Azzalin Gobbo de Oliveira (Bruno Gobbo)

From: Curitiba, PR – Brazil

Age: 22 years

Activity: Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering 

Chapter about the work and travel opportunity (2017)

    I had this dream of working at Disney and one day I happened to hear that Disney was actually hiring Brazilian to work there for the winter vacation (November to February). I spent a lot of my time trying to learn as much as I could about this program and what I had to do to be chosen.

    I applied for the job and then attended the job interview and there it all became real. This was when I began to panic and my anxiety took control: I couldn’t even try to think in English. The interview was in little groups (3 candidates top) and as soon as the interviewer asked my name, I broke. I couldn’t even remember my name. When I got out of the interview I already knew that I didn’t get the job.

    I picked myself up (it wasn’t easy) and understood that something had to change if I wanted to get it. The first step was try to understand why my English broke in the interview and what could I do so it wouldn’t happen again. The answer was: exchange program – Work and Travel. 

I applied and attended to two job interviews and then I got accepted to work in a beach resort in Florida (which was close to my Disney goal and not so cold). This was a big win – get accepted in your first option after all that.

Some months after that I got a call from my exchange agency telling me that the Irma hurricane devastated the city where I was going to work. They obviously had to cancel the program and I had to attend to another job interview to try to be reallocated in the program. This other opportunity was in North Carolina in a ski resort as a lift attendant. I got accepted again!

This experience helped me improving my English. Besides that, the work place was great and I truly believe it was where I had to be. I’m not saying that a tragedy like that happened because I had to choose another place to work. All I’m saying is that sometimes life makes a mess and we don’t really understand why, but soon enough it shows us that we had to learn something with it.

Chapter about the second try (2018)

    Back to Brazil, I got an Internship opportunity that helped me to apply everything that I was learning at the university, which was great! Then I applied for the Disney program once again. This time I was more confident that it was my shot. In the interview my anxiety took control, but this time my English didn’t break. I just couldn’t stop talking – in not a formal way. 

    After a couple of months I got the result: standby list. This was much worse than get eliminated because I still had a chance – so never lose hope – but it was almost impossible to happen. This took about three months until they told me that it wasn’t the year yet. Would I give up on the second try? No! This is my dream and I had to try it again. I just had to understand what I got wrong in the process that I could to do better.

Ok, I had the English part right, but there was something missing. When I realized that, I went to therapy to understand more about me and what could I do to avoid losing control in anxiety situations. 

Chapter about the dream (2019)

After three years I wouldn’t lose hope. You know what they say: third time is a charm, right? Once again, same process: applied to the job, attend to the job interview.

In my interview day I felt the anxiety trying to take control many times, but now I was confident that I did everything that I could, if it was meant to be, I would get in. I could see the difference between 3 years. I got in! 

Believe me when I say that I am thankful to every “no” I got in all this mess. The opportunity was perfect: I got the job that I wanted in the place that I wanted. The people that I’ve met there are like a family to me and I’m so thankful for meeting them – which wouldn’t have happened if I got accepted in my first try.

What I understood in the process

I understood that in every “no” you get from life you either have two choices: stop and accept it (which might be necessary depending on the case) or understand the reason why you’ve got your “no”, change, improve, get better and try it again. There’s no other way. Einstein used to say that it is dumb to do the same thing twice expecting two different results.

There’s one thing that may be tricky: you have to dream little dreams before achieving a big dream. If you dream a big dream, you’ll eventually get tired of trying to achieve it because you are not even looking to the minor achievements you’ve got in your way up. No, I’m not saying that it’s easy because it’s really not. On every “no” that I’ve got I thought of giving up. 

What about the after dream?

    But what no one tells you is that when you accomplish your main dream, you have to live after that. And this can be REALLY hard. Does that mean that the best part of your life is now in the past? 

    People must have some kind of hope for better days to keep trying to improve. People have to dream so they don’t just survive, but live! Sometimes you have to understand that what is in your past leaded you to where you are and the past won’t come back. Don’t forget: the beauty of life is that you can start over many times to get where you want to be.

Who am I?

    I am a person who will never stop dreaming of changing the world into a better place and won’t give up trying to help people seeing things through the better side. This may be through politics (big dream guy) or through my stories. The truth is that I still don’t know how I’m going to do it, but one thing you can be sure about: eventually I’ll get there. If I gave someone hope to keep perusing his/her dream, I think that I’ve already started doing something here. 

The world a better place

    It will be a better place when everyone gets the same chances of being successful. When everyone gets hope of better days and are allowed to dream and accomplish that. It will be a better place when everyone is treated equal. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. Until then, baby steps.


David Jahel Bonilla Sánchez

From: Quito – Ecuador

Age: 26 years

Activity: Currently studying a master in Natural Hazards and Risks in Structural Engineering.

My name is David. I like to se myself as a person that treats others kindly. I really enjoy seeing people happy and being able to make them happy fills me greatly. That is something that motivates me, the people. I would like to be able to help others in my country in any way, that includes giving employment, teaching and sharing the little knowledge and experience I have. I have been blessed with many things in my life, family and opportunities and it is only fair that I retribute and give some good things back to the world. I share this vision as well with my wife.

Some things about me, I am a civil engineer and I come from Ecuador, a small but beautiful country located in the center of the world. It is a place with much to offer.  I am really fond of it, it may not be perfect of course, it is a still developing country, but development has to start somewehre, and every little help counts. I love Ecuador because there I was able to meet my wonderful wife Grecia. I also love it because of its nature, food, and people. I have to say that I am also grateful to my country professionaly speaking. Because of public (free) education I was able to study and get my Bachelor in civil engineering. And it is one of my dreams to help in the development of my country, especially in the structural engineering field.

For some context, Ecuador is located near the boundaries of the South America and Nazca tectonic plates, hence, it has a high earthquake danger. The 7.8 earthquake that struck in April, 2016 showed that most structures are not earthquake-resistant. There were almost 700 fatalities, 17.000 people were injured, and more than 80.000 people were left homeless. I feel really sad about it, because engineers are the ones responsible for preserving life by designing and building safe structures. That is the reason why I am very motivated to learning and acquiring higher technical knowledge and practical skills to further contribute as a professional structural engineer, in public and private projects, and as a university professor of the new generations of civil engineers. Finally that is why I came to Germany in 2019 pursuing a master degree and I will be graduating this year 2021. 

My journey:

When I was 8 years old, I was very fortunate to see how my house was being built. That was the house where I spent most of my life before coming to Germany. I clearly remember the experience of watching the excavation process, rebar bending, and concrete casting all the way through the finishing of construction such as wall paint, floor tiles and windows. All that early exposure really inspired me and made me want to study Civil Engineering and become a professional in that field. I became truly passionate about construction and everything related to structures.

In my early years, I did several things related to the structural field. For instance, when I was a kid, I wanted a tree house so I built one myself using tree trunks as the structure, wood planks for the floor, ropes for the connections, and palm leaves for the roof. Another thing I built was a zip line between trees using a thick rope, a pulley, and a swing seat. I also built a wood platform so one could get down from the tree. In high school, my graduating project consisted of bridge history and basic technical aspects about them. I had to present my project to a jury, and I also made a scale model of a cable-stayed bridge for complementary explanation.

During my university years, I was part of a training program for construction workers, in which I taught them about earthquakes and structural concepts. I also took part in some important structural projects as a structural plan drawer. These projects included buildings, households, and a water treatment plant. I did my Bachelor’s thesis in the use of alternative materials such as bamboo and adobe bricks to build earthquake-resistant structures. The project got published in the International Review of Civil Engineering – Praise Worthy Prize Journal, the title of the article is “Study of bamboo physical properties and its application as reinforcement in adobe structures”. Furthermore, I gave a local conference about it at Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas – ESPE.

Before coming to Germany I worked in construction as a steel structures controller. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to work on the field because I was able to share my knowledge with construction workers I came across so they can have better structural practices regarding earthquake-resistant aspects. I worked in many building projects and I had a lot of responsibility. In this job I was able to learn so much, it helped me understand structural engineering practices better, and I was able to make some important professional connections.

Finally, my expectations for the coming future are to obtain more enriching experiences in my time outside Ecuador together with my wife and then, after we return, to apply the things we have learned. Also I will keep studying an improving professionaly as well as personally. I feel optimistic that me and my wife will be able to have an impact in our country for the better, it may be hard, but we are up for the challenges ahead.


Enrique Ugalde Campo

From: Mexico City, Mexico 

Activity: Master’s in Global Business and Society at Yale University 

I am Enrique Ugalde Campo and I am currently studying a Master’s in Global Business at Yale  University. However, my journey has been far from traditional; for the last 10 years I had been  playing volleyball at a High Performance level. When I was 13 years old I was recruited into a  sports program in Tijuana, a city that has been classified as the most dangerous in the world for  several occassions. From a very young age I started to live away from my home and my family, a  signal that I was willing to do whatever it takes to achieve my goals.  

Sports career 

While I was in this sports program I had to live, eat and train in a sports center; needless to say,  life was tough. However, later in my life I discovered that I was getting the tools necessary to pursue my later goals in life. During my 5 years in this sports program I became independent,  determined, disciplined, ambitious and competitive. Fortunately, we won every National  Championship that took place during those 5 years and I became a member and team captain of  the Mexican National Team. During my years in the National Team, we competed in 2 World  Championships and got a two-time second place in Continental Championships. Furthermore, I  ended up in the Top 15 players in the 2013 Boys World Championship. Growing up as an introvert  was tough for me, I always thought that this was going to be a major obstacle in life. Yet, this did  not stop me to get what I wanted and being the leader of a National Team. At this moment I realized  that I needed to throw my insecurities in the garbage can. 

During my stay in Tijuana, I negotiated the creation of a scholarship program for a men’s volleyball  team at the city’s most prestigious high school (CETYS); getting a team of national champions in  exchange for top education seemed like a fair deal for me and it was. Although I was extremely  invested in my athletic career I did not forget about my academic preparation. After my 5 years in  the sports program, I decided that I wanted to focus more in my academic and professional career.  However, coming from a middle class family made it clear that studying in Mexico’s top institutions  was out of my possibilities without a scholarship; so, I continued to play volleyball in order to afford  my tuition. Although my priorities had changed, I extended my sports career for another 5 years in  which I was fortunate enough to win 2 University National Championships, be recognized as the  Most Valuable Player in one edition and receive the Best Student-Athlete award at my University. 

Academic career  

While I was studying my Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at UDLAP, I enrolled in the University’s Honors Program. I conducted research about the effects of global warming in the  northwestern part of Mexico and, after 2 and a half years of research, I published my findings.  Even though it was hard to balance my academic and athletic career I was able to graduate on  time with Honors. Even though I joke a lot about being a genius this is not the reason why I was  able to achieve this. The real reason why I was good at both activities had to do with the dedication  and effort that I allocate to each activity. I did sacrifice hours of sleep and I did push myself to the  limit for a couple of years; however, I think that the result was worth it. After I finished my  undergraduate studies I started to pursue another high goal, studying a Master’s degree in  business at one of the best universities in the world.  

Ambitions & motivations 

I decided to pursue a master’s in business at Yale because of the scope of the subject. During my  stay in Tijuana and other cities that I got to know, I realized that governmental programs were not 

having the desired effect in empoverished communities. My country, just like many developing  countries in the world, has a serious problem with corruption. I think that the private sector should  play a more prominent role in Mexico; I hope to apply my business knowledge and experience in  favor of Mexico’s most disadvantaged people. 

The men’s high school volleyball scholarship program that I helped to create has now been  expanded covering both male and female players up until postgraduate studies. This is an example  of how the private sector can help with social movility; although graduating from a prestigious  school does not guarantee being rich, it can give individuals much more opportunities in the early,  and late stages of their careers. Being proactive, having strong credentials and assembling a team  of capable people were key in the creation of this program. In the future, I would like to replicate  the effects of this program on a much larger national scale. 

Obstacles and aids 

Undoubtedly the most evident obstacle that I had to face in my career so far has been corruption.  In Mexico institutions that receive public funding do not have any kind of accountability. During my  career as an athlete, corruption in sports institutions was rampant and wide ranging. From direct  appointment of players by the upper levels of the Volleyball National Federation to covering sexual 

harrassment scandals between coaches and players. One major reason why I decided to retire  from a very young age from the sport was this kind of incidents. All of the players that are members  of the Mexican National Team know that the institutions behind it are extremely corrupt but there  is no counterbalance for such institutions. Furthermore, some players are indifferent to the  scandals; as long as there is an immediate benefit to them then everybody is happy. I believe that  toxic environments like this are an obstacle for everyone that encounters them. 

On the other hand, I am extremely grateful for the existence of athletic scholarship programs in  Mexico’s top universities. I believe that without these programs I would not have the opportunity to  be writing this now. Education is the very foundation of societies and, for all the structural problems  we have in Mexico, it is nice to know that if you excel at sports you have the opportunity to pursue  a better life. 

Of course, the sports program that I was a part of was also extremely helpful to get the  opportunities that came later in my life. I wish there were more programs like this and that more  people knew of their existence. 

Hopes for the future 

Having visited most of my country and known people from multiple social standings changed my  perspective about Mexico. Disparities between social classes are enormous and they range from  education level to race; in my country it is stil a tabu to talk about our structural problems regarding  inequality. Racism and sexism are deeply embedded in our culture and, from my experience, most  people are not aware of how widespread the problem is. Even though there is a strong correlation  between skin tone, sex, average income and labor opportunities, there is no public debate about  this. Furthermore, it is difficult to create programs that address the disparities in our society if the  average person is not aware of this. I hope that social media provides the opportunity to make 

these subjects known among the population which, in consequence, could spearhead the creation  of aid programs. 

I hope that this global wave of nationalism that threatens to divide and put out societies against  each other wears off. I am determined to cooperate on these two issues.


Francis Eduardo Domínguez

From: Ecuador

Age: 24 years

Activity: Management Master at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

My story begins in a little country placed in the middle of the world, Ecuador. In the heart of South America, right next to the beautiful Pacific Ocean, I was born in 1997. I grew up without a father but with enough family to cover his absence. He had to leave to Spain when I was 3 years old due to the sequels of the 1999 Ecuadorian crisis in which due to inflation the value of our extinct local currency “Sucres” decreased to a frenetic rhythm until an untenable point, the president decided to adopt the USD as our new official currency with an exchange rate that vanished most of the savings of the people. 

My family as many others was affected but I never saw it break. With a heritage of increasing professional development, the goal of everyone who was taking care of me was to see me achieve a successful future. This professional development is a collective set of efforts, the one my great-grandparents (farmers) did to give education to my grandfather, he became an engineer when the default in the countryside was working in the farms as the only possible future. The effort my grandparents did leaving the countryside to study at the capital, being financed by sporadic jobs they took and parallelly raising and providing education to my mother. The effort my mother did raising me without a father, renouncing a neurosurgeon career to see me grow and ultimately supporting me in every path of my university life.

Everything I am and I have is thanks to them, and I see humanity just like that. The development of our society has succeeded thanks to past efforts and discoveries that have allowed us to enjoy a new technological experience and construct a fairer society.

As for my academic life, I graduated as a “Commercial engineer” in the International University of Ecuador (UIDE) where I occupied the “Secretary of investigation and development” position in the Student Council 2017-2019. It allowed me to organize events with national and transnational companies, create useful clubs for the community, represent our students in multiple national assemblies as well as harassment cases, etc. 

This experience showed me two important facts:

  1. Corruption is rooted and normalized in every political position, with private entities becoming an ally in these actions.
  2. I want to change that.

I realized that since systematic corruption is powerful and in order to grow in politics in Ecuador you have to compromise morals and values, I should ideate another path to be part of politics. So, I chose to make a career in the private sector, gaining enough money to pay for my political campaign and private security (corruption has taken a lot of lives in Ecuador) and changing the whole system, adopting politics of transparency, penalizing corruption harder, and setting a new cultural standard of what’s not acceptable in a society of progress.

This is a future plan that I feel like no other person could carry because I have witnessed how easy it is to corrupt humans. Hopefully, I will not need to apply it and focus mainly on marketing, entrepreneurship, and innovation which are the topics I feel passionate about concerning my practical life. However, when I have long term economic stability and if the country has not changed, I will focus on studying majors in public administration, social and economic development, so I can make Ecuador a better place.

University life also gave me the opportunity to practice my French skills, I traveled to France for my Erasmus. Studying a semester at IESEG school of management allowed me to get involved in extracurricular classes about Healthcare administration and philosophy and meet people that I fervently think will be the leaders of tomorrow.

When I came back to my country, I knew I needed another international experience, the cultural exchange is priceless, nothing compared to what I had seen before as a founder member of the International Students Club (CEI) at UIDE. Hence, my two last years I made everything to build my future, worked on one of the most important banks in Ecuador and then in an Immigration service agency from Canada, as well as publishing an article on an important indexed magazine and writing a 170 pages business plan about a digital event organization company. My goal was to have the skills to enter the best universities in Europe.

I graduated at the pandemic and in front of my computer, but I could not care less about it. I am alive, studying at Ca’ Foscari a program that I love, and living in my favorite city in the world, Venice. My future depends on me, but it will forever be a merit of my family. I am ready to construct a better society for humans in the future and will forever be thankful to the ones that made the effort to carry us all to progress. 


Iñigo Fernández Guerra Abdala

From: Mexico City, Mexico 

Age: 22 years

Activity: ’m Sustainable Development Engineering undergraduate student at Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores Monterrey. I’m also a part time entrepreneur, developing a tele-psychology platform.

My name is Iñigo. Early in life I came in contact with triathlons, a sport that changed the way I see life. In triathlons, one has to develop goals, establish plans for achieving those goals, be disciplined to follow these plans and most importantly, keep enjoying the climb up. Moreover, being born in a family that has given me opportunities to travel, educate myself and have the necessary support to achieve my goals, I came into the realization that I have the responsibility to help those who are not as fortunate as I am. Having said this, I can characterize myself as a person with a strong sense of discipline and social responsibility. 

In my life I have ambitious goals. The main driver behind these goals is the desire to give back to a society that has granted me the opportunities to be where I am. Being born in a country enlivened by great social inequality and having had the chance to receive an education; it is my obligation to create opportunities for those who did not had the chance to receive scholarization. Beyond this sense of social responsibility, building a better version of myself and striving to grow and develop as an individual, motivates me on my day to day.

So far, I have had a great journey, coupled with challenges and adventures that have contributed to build the person who I am. A remarkable challenge that I surpassed came after an earthquake in 2017 that stroke my country. People were killed and families were left without homes. Driven by a great sense of responsibility, I set the goal of helping 20 families to rebuild their homes. As a first semester undergraduate student, I had no resources nor any specific skills to do so. What I did have, however, was the support of my loved ones and a great drive to help the families that were affected. Together with my brother I was able surpass all the necessary challenges, that led me up to date, to establish a non-profit organization that has built more than 40 houses for those in need.

Being completely honest, I can say that there is no specific factor that has hindered me. I can talk, however, about a factor that has contributed in in my development. This factor is the help and guidance that more experienced people have given me. From developing an entrepreneurial project, to preparing myself for interviews at a consultancy firm, my path has crossed with people who have been nice enough to give me advice in areas I do not have much experience. 

A specific achievement I’m proud of was to get accepted for an internship at an MBB consultancy firm, after several months of hard work and preparation. Looking forward to my goals for next year, I want to learn to balance the different areas of my life, once I start working at the consultancy firm; and I want to score 720+ in the GMAT exam for preparing a great application for an MBA program at Stanford University. 

I hope I can contribute to build a better Mexico and have a family to share with the different pleasures of life. Though I do not have everything figured out on how to build a greater country, I do have some direction. In Mexico, as in many other developing countries, life outside the main cities is dull and with low opportunities. It seems that the development and prosperity that characterizes the big cities, can’t spread around the country. Lack of access to financial services, education, entertainment and even something as essential as health services, are aspects one cannot find outside the big metropolis. It is with this dream to establish a company that can do something to improve the life of those living in rural areas, that I will contribute on creating a better world. Now, it is important to recognize that I do not need to create a company to start changing the world. I’m certain that simple gestures of amiability, generosity and even solidarity with others, can impact the people whom I have the fortune to cross paths with. 


 José Luis Madrigal Sánchez

From: México

Age: 19 years

Activity: Computer Technologies Engineering Student

First of all, I want to start with a phrase that’s in my daily life, which is “Passion and Perseverance is the perfect combination for success”. So, my name is José Luis, I was born in Mexico, Tabasco, on December 3, 2001 and nowadays I live in Mexico City. Throughout my entire life I’ve known the importance of hard work and taking care of my responsibilities and this is because of the education that my parents gave me. Although I don’t know what it’s like to be desperate for financial problems like many people in my country, I understand that things aren’t usually given on a silver platter, you must get them by yourself. I consider myself a person who likes to help others, who gives his best in every activity, who feels motivated for his achievements and who tries to make a positive impact on his community. Taking up the initial phrase, passion and perseverance are the concepts that are kind of a base for my life, because I do the things that I really like, but at the same time I push myself to be constant, because wanting isn’t enough, as I said before, each one must achieve their own goals, but of course, it’s not bad to have support from others. Since being a child, I’ve been academically outstanding, this gave me many important values and my sister has been a great example for me to keep going. I want to clarify as well that I know that good grades aren’t enough to be successful in life, so now that I’m studying my career, I’m trying to complement myself with other things to make a good reputation, but I think that each one makes its own path, because someone can tell you that if you’re some kind of a nerd, it isn’t good, but it’s just about taking advantage of your capacities correctly and trying to get skills in different areas. Therefore, there have things that impulsed me to achieve my purposes, one of them is my family, because they’re the ones that gave me the example of being a good person and my friends motivate me too, because I had similar dreams with some of them and we share great experiences, but I want to say that the perspective of myself in the future drives me too, because I define what I really want. 

Right now my great ambition is to finish my career related to computer science in Tec de Monterrey and to get a job in some important technological company. Most of my challenges had been in the academic aspect, honestly my country didn’t influence in that, but I had to study a lot and organization was very important too, but being in an expensive or highly recognized school has nothing to do with it, in fact, my dad mentions that he was only in a private school when he was very young, because my family lost their businesses, but that didn’t stop him, he improved each day and gave me the life I have, I always remember that he usually tells me that he wanted a better situation, but he knew he couldn’t get it in just one day. But some goals that I reached were in sports, in secondary I played Basketball and I was able to win with my team the school tournament with a lot of training. Recently I was able to get my certificate in Goethe for the level A1 in german and I’m very happy because I get to know other languages. 

I have to say that living in Mexico doesn’t have an effect on my achievements but I know that opportunities here aren’t really available for everyone, so my dad has been improving a lot in the workplace throughout the years so he can give me good education, of course I try to help him with scholarships, now I have the one for academic talent, another goal that I think was pretty hard to get, but the point is that he usually gives me the best, so I know I have had a lot of opportunities, I’m not saying my life is totally easy, but I think my path isn’t as harder as the one of many people in my country. In some years, I’ll be searching a job and compared to other Latin American countries, it seems there are more companies here focused on my career, of course in specific states, that’s why living in the city helps me, but the fact that Mexico doesn’t influence in technology can affect my goals, so honestly I have considered to move to USA for example, because even if it doesn’t have the perfect politics, it has better services, security and salaries, but maybe I’ll stay in my country, it will totally depend of the job that I’ll get, because as I mentioned, I have the opportunities and I just need to use them, but I don’t forget that others are competitive like me. Accordingly, I want to go to an exchange in Germany and be able to work for a summer in Silicon Valley, these experiences can help me to have a better resume, and I practice boxing as well, so it would be great to win some competition. 

I have to say that the situation of Mexico is complicated, because corruption has affected us a lot but right now politics is just getting worse and we have more social problems, but I really have that dream where we all have justice and peace, it won’t be easy but I think that the mexicans are very united, we really help each other and we don’t give up easily. I think Mexico has a lot of potential to be one of the greatest countries in the world, maybe not because of its technology, but in terms of science and ecology we can do many things, I think in the future we will be among the best countries on the usage of renewable energies, we really have many resources. But I can help to make the world a better place, of course I’m very interested to do it with my area, I think computers can help us a lot but the thing is that for companies, ethics isn’t as important as making money, for example, social networks have a lot of problems with data and privacy, so I want to influence in that. I would like to create great apps and develop processes that can help the people but at the same time I want to give more moral bases to technology, it’s just about teaching values and changing business models, of course my current knowledge isn’t enough but I constantly learn new things. I just want to impulse tech-advances but without hurting people or taking advantage of their data without their consent, so we can be in an environment of trust, even virtually.


Joaquín García Ackermann

From: Lima, Perú

Age: 22 years

Activity: Economics Student.

My name is Joaquín García, I was born in Lima, Perú in 1999. I studied at the S.S.C.C. Belén school, with a catholic foundation, where I had the opportunity to learn 2 languages (besides my native language, spanish), french and english.

I’m currently studying  economics at Universidad de Piura, an Opus Dei university, I chose this career because it allows me to understand all the doubts I once had about the behavior of society.

I love to play the piano, 1/3 of the day I’m on it and that’s because I was born with an ability that allows me to enjoy music at a higher level; absolute pitch.

Returning to the academic subject, I have worked in the finance area of Luz del Sur, a leading company in energy distribution nationwide, work of which I am proud and I hope my knowledge and skills have contributed to the company. I have also worked in JRZ Valuaciones, a company that values real estate of all kinds and there I was able to learn a lot about real estate.

My current ambitions are simple; finish my degree, get a job that I like, contribute to my country for its improvement and have a happy family.

I hope, from my position in a Latin country, to be able to make this world better in terms of promoting the values that are being lost; love for family, love for oneself, and love for your country, collective well-being must be the engine of all our ambitions, that is what will make us happy at the end of our lives.


José Ricardo Cantú Aguilar

From:Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.

Age: 20 years


I currently study two careers:

The first career is a Bachelor of International Business at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León.

The second career is a Bachelor of Administration with an emphasis in Tourism Management at the Citizen University of Nuevo León.

Hello everyone. My name is Ricardo Cantú and I am currently a university student, I have 20 years old and I speak 5 languages (spanish, english, portuguese, italian and french). I’ll be honest with you, I have always considered that qualifications do not always measure the intelligence and creativity of a person since each one of us performs our goals in different ways and using different skills that at some point in our lives we come to discover, my qualifications they have always been eighties and seventies and sometimes also nineties; Despite this, I had the opportunity to be a student at CIDEB, which is considered the most prestigious public high school in Mexico.

I was born and currently live in a city called Monterrey. Contrary to what people outside of my country think, Mexico is not really a country as poor as many can see in series and movies, in fact there are large and medium-sized cities with a good quality of life although with a Mexican touch; However, it is clear that problems such as insecurity, poverty and corruption are really important things that unfortunately have not improved in my country.

In the case of my city, Monterrey is considered one of the richest and most developed cities in Latin America since it is also considered the most “Americanized” city in Mexico, of the more than 5 million inhabitants that my city has, so only 0.5% of the population is homeless and 13% is considered “poor” while on the other hand there is a large percentage of millionaires who live in areas like San Pedro Garza García. Like other countries, in my city there are skyscrapers that exceed 200m and 300m in height and we have great works such as the 4th largest square in the world and the longest artificial river in Latin America. Even in my city there is the “Tecnológico de Monterrey” which is considered one of the 5 most prestigious universities in Latin America and one of the 30 most competitive private universities in the world.

Why am I telling you this? Because I had the privilege of being born in the richest city close to what many would call “first world city”, that title was achieved thanks to the values that all the inhabitants of my city and my state instill in them from a young age, in my city the values of saving, education and especially work are always present. Our city was born as a small village located in a semi-arid desert, disconnected from the rest of the country by large mountains and with a climate that prevented us from producing food and water, we could not trade with other states or countries because we did not have the sea or minerals. And because there was a fiscal pact that is active to this day where most of the money collected by our state is sent to the capital of Mexico to supply the financial needs of the capital and the rest of the money is sent to less developed states such as Chiapas, Oaxaca or Guerrero.

Only with hard work were we able to get ahead and those values passed from generation to generation to this day. In my case, I was born into a middle-class family that, since I was little, always motivated me to start a business and be someone in the future; However, there has always been the problem that in a country like Mexico there is the saying “He who does not cheat, does not advance”, that has been my greatest challenge since I am not a person who is willing to achieve my goals thus, and for that very reason, I have lost great opportunities in my life that other people did take advantage of using that phrase.

Despite this, I have always looked for a way to stand out in some way. Since he was a child, he always sought to do different activities such as studying, playing music, practicing swimming and acting in different plays; At the age of 13 I managed to be an exhibitor at a national science event simulating tornadoes in the air using water, boxes, fans and a lot of dry ice, at the age of 15 I began to go to various economic events and entrepreneurship conferences in order to know exhibitors and businessmen from my city and my country and to give me advice not only on how to start a business and keep it afloat, but also on life in general. At the age of 17, entering university, I became director of the Mexican Institute of Executives and Finance, which has a category of university students; finishing my one-year term, I had the opportunity, together with a team, to organize the “LIDERA National Congress 2019” which was an annual event held by the institute in order to motivate university students to start their businesses and help our country, I was really proud of both myself and my team and the entrepreneurs who were willing to support us since together we managed to obtain an audience of 2,100 people who came to Monterrey from all the cities of Mexico and who, at the same time, was considered the congress with the highest audience in the history of the institute.

Nowadays, I work as an intern in a multinational company, but at the same time I write a book to help people learn portuguese in a simple way and I work in an app and a small news center where I will seek not only to attract more tourism to my city and therefore greater economic income to the businesses of my city if I do not also seek to help citizens to learn a little more about all the positive things in my city; I feel that among so much bad news that our newspapers give, there must always be another side of the coin that gives people hope for a better future.

My goals, like most of the world, is to create successful companies and become a millionaire; However, since I was little, it has always been instilled in me that money is not everything and that it is nothing if it is not used for good, so my main objective is really to use my money to improve my state by helping to build houses for the homeless, supporting local businesses to grow and financially supporting people to obtain a college degree as well as learn more languages ​​other than English and Spanish.

If I’m honest, I would never give money to people who need it, since in Monterrey there has always been a famous phrase given by one of the most emblematic businessmen of my city (Eugenio Garza Sada) that says “Don’t give money to poor, give work and financial education and only then will you increase the quality of life of a people “.

I know that the road will be really difficult but I have the support not only of my family but also of my friends to one day not only be a successful businessman but also be an example for future generations and thus make my country a reference. world of how a country can completely change its situation as countries such as Germany, China or Singapore did at the time.


Juan Carlos Martínez Castillo

From: Quito – Ecuador

Age: 21 years

Activity: Student

Major: Chemical Engineering 

Minors: Industrial Engineering and Environmental Engineering 

Organizations: AIChE President and founder of the Student Chapter of Chemical Engineers at USFQ

Right now, I´m a 21-year-old senior of chemical engineering doing a double minor. To my fortune I can study that career with a 100% scholarship because I got the second place in a National Contest of Chemical Engineering. Moreover, I am a black belt of karate and I have won several National and State Championships in the area of Kata. Also, I have won some National and State Championships in athletics on 60m and doing long jump. Above that, I have been playing the piano since I was 6 and as the years went by, I auto educated myself in the harmonica so I can play a song with the harmonica and the piano at the same time. About my final years of school, I came up as the second-best student of my class and the best score of my class at the International Baccalaureate (IB). Right now, I´m the President and one of the founders of the AIChE Student Chapter at my University (USFQ) and the alternate treasurer of the Student Government in my university as well.

The first thing that people think of me when I told them all that I have done is that I´m really smart and that I´m probably a genius. However, I have to say that is not true! During my life I have encounter with really genius people, the ones that sleep during classes and do not study at all and at the test they get a 100 score. I´m not that type of people! I´m the one who has to take notes, the one that has to do some extra research to understand a topic, the one that does a lot of exercises before the test and with all of that I finally can get a good score. I´m not different from anybody. Actually, the fact that I don´t understand things at first, second and third time is one of the things that has helped me to become a really good tutor. A lot of people has told me that, that I explain things really good, but the thing is that they don´t know that I have done a lot of research to simplify things and because of that I can make everyone understand the hardest topics in a couple of minutes.

A lot of people usually ask me how I do all these activities and the answer is that I have an amazing family. I know that my country does not has the best education in the world, but with the sacrifice of my parents, Juan Carlos and María Isabel, and my sister, María Isabel, and all the people that surround me I have become the person who I am know. I still remember that my mother after taking me out of school, she used to take me to karate, athletics, and piano classes. Even though, she was really tired she used to take me there and she sleep at the car waiting for me to finish my activities. Also, right now I don´t have time to do some household activities but my parents usually help me with that. So, it´s not the job of one people, it´s the work of a loving family that helps you and that prays to God for you. 

About the people that surround me, I have been really blessed. My coaches and teachers were really patient with me. I still remember the nights that we used to spend practicing karate with my coach before my first National Championship of Karate. He was giving me the family time that He has so my Kata looks excellent. Also, I still remember of my piano teacher who spend his last 15 years of life making me fall in love with music. We used to spend hours and hours at night at the piano, so the song that I must play at the contests is marvelous. 

But even if you had an amazing family, friends, and teachers wouldn´t be enough. As I said early, I´m not a genius but I´m a passionate person that is addicted to perfection and that mix is what has made me stay in my activities for years until I succeed. I still remember when I was 7 years that used to cry a lot when I lost in a Championship of Karate but after a lot of years, I finally got a spot on the podium. It was not the first place! It was the second, but it was enough for me to keep trying to do karate until six months later I became the National Champion of Karate and all the glory finally came.

With all these experiences I have come to some conclusions of my Country. The first one is that there is corruption everywhere and with that is difficult for people without contacts or resources to succeed. Sometimes at athletics the people selected to participate at the National Championship were the ones that had some connections with some authorities. Also, at my High School, some students that their parents were friends of the teachers had the opportunity to participate at contests and other students that did not had that type of relationship couldn´t get to participate at contests. That is really a big problem that we have because the doors get closed for you before you participate. The solution that came to me is that you must do the things by yourself. For example, the National Chemical Engineering Contest is done every year but my teachers didn´t participate, so I had to go to the University and fill out the papers so I can participate (Actually, If I hadn´t done that I wouldn´t be studying at the University that I´m studying). But sometimes you cannot do anything to overcome the corruption and that is one thing that ended up my career in athletics. 

Also, by doing tutoring sessions and getting into contact with people from all around the world I have realized that the education in my country is really bad, sometimes even at University level! I have realized that when I was at my last years of High School, so to overcome that I had to quit athletics, karate and piano; all my passions since I was a child went away! Every single day I was with a Chemistry book reading, at my recess and when I got home, I was reading Chemistry. With that, people started to bully me, but I had to be strong. I overcame that silently without complaining because I knew that at the end of the day, I would get a scholarship and I will be in the best University of my country. 

In addition, during all my activities I have meet people from low income and some people that already have their life fixed. And it really disappoints me that most the people that are born with a wealthy status are the ones that do not care about studies or doing something else to improve the life of people who don´t have that privilege. I come from a middle upper-class status and that has made me appreciate things in life and see how blessed I am. As I said I have been giving tutoring sessions to poor people who are smart, but due to corruption and lack of attention from their families they would never overcome their situation. By learning that since there I had never turn down an opportunity of development because I think if I turn that opportunity down, that would be a lack of respect to the people that do not have those opportunities. And that is one of the main reasons of why I have done some many things. 

Finally, the most important reason of why I´m trying to be the best of what I am is that I feel that my country needs me. With all the abilities that I have gained in my life, I think is my responsibility to give the poor people of my country the opportunity to succeed and the only way that I came up for doing so is to become the president of my Country. I know it sounds impossible, but I think all of what I have done sounds impossible as well, but I did it. I know is going to be hard since corruption levels will be higher there, but I have a plan which consists of getting a Ph.D., developing a new industry with my knowledge, and then launching for president. 


Nicholas Mangia

From: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Age: 24 years

Activity: Cybersecurity consultant.

The curiosity to know how things work motivates me since I was very young, as a child, I loved to disassemble old electronics to see how the “magic” happened, as well as to spend hours and hours in front of an old computer trying to learn all the possible functionalities. Over the years, interest in the digital world has increased, and with the advent of the internet, there were no limits to seeking knowledge.

Passionate about the technological world, I decided to deepen my knowledge by entering in the computer engineering university, however, to be able to experience and learn even more about the news of the technology world, I had to leave the city where I lived in search of better opportunities in the big city. Aiming at a better quality for my studies and more opportunities in the job market after university.

It didn’t take long for the university to give me my first job as an intern, which immensely expanded my knowledge in a practical way. Still with the soul of that curious boy, I took advantage of the internship to learn with my co-workers with years of experience in the most varied topics of information technology.

Immediately after the internship ended, I got the long-awaited first job, now more focused on cybersecurity, an area I always wanted to learn. Being truly fascinated by the breadth and applicability of cybersecurity in our lives, in ways I couldn’t imagine before.

I take my life as a process of continuous improvement, where after reaching a stage, I then set goals to explore a new one. Today, in view of where I came from and what I have already achieved, I can say that I managed to make good progress, but many things are yet to come.

From now on, I am envious of future generations, generations who will be able to enjoy the vast knowledge accumulated in the most diverse themes, after years and years of development and progress of science and society.

My greatest aspirations and desires, is to be able to contribute positively to the development of our society, in order to elevate people’s feeling of happiness, satisfaction and well-being and inspire future generations in their professional and personal development.

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