Anuj (AJ) Manchanda

From: Thailand

Age: 19 Years

Activity: Currently taking a gap year to focus on my start-up, various internships, online courses, and investing in stocks/cryptocurrencies due to Covid-19 restrictions impacting my initial university plans.

Next year, I will be attending the University of Toronto under the Lester B. Pearson full-ride merit scholarship (37 students chosen a year, amongst the most competitive international scholarship in the world). I will be studying in the Rotman Commerce Business School, and am extremely grateful to have all costs including tuition, food, residence, textbooks, and incidental fees covered by the scholarship. 

“What would you do if you were me and I was you” seared into my microphone. Closing my eyes, I leaned back to reach the crescendo of my song as my vision lingered to an equitable world. I viewed my original song as a powerful message against injustice and thought my lyrics were incantations that could sew together the gashes of social inequality in Thailand.  

Soon after my performance, a parent approached me to commend my ability to craft a “beautifully intricate” original song. Expecting a profound response, she asked me, “what inspired you?” I responded with a clearly articulated statistical account about how the top 1% of Thai’s accounted for 66.9% of the country’s wealth but was quickly interrupted by the displeasure on her face. She smiled and repeated, “I’m not your teacher. What really inspired you?” 

I could not respond. 

It disheartened me that something that I had worked so hard on could be viewed as disingenuous. Even more disappointing was that I could not address her inquiry.

It was not that I did not care, I simply did not understand. My song was never original, it was a shallow appreciation of that generalized narrative of those less fortunate than me. I stole the song from the people who deserved to tell it. I had lived my life avoiding the hidden slums and alleyways just 5 kilometers from my school; it was about time I addressed my ignorance – to hear their song rather than write it.

Each step I took on the garbage-strewn ground across the Klong Toey slums revealed my song’s superficial motifs. I never pictured the patchwork of flaky metal sheets they are forced to call ‘home.’ When I sang “I only saw the dark but you never gave light,” the darkness I spoke about was obscure. I never understood how employment opportunities were non-existent and that all hope lay on the outskirts. 

It took time, but I began to understand the expression that the parent had on her face. 

The continuous thumping sounds of the railroads and the incessant crying of babies etched itself in my mind for months. I sought for solutions, not in neat epiphanies, but in sustainable efforts. 

Having realized what it means to truly understand, I worked alongside Manish Sethi to initiate a socially conscious business called Rescued Glass. Through developing a relationship with various bars and restaurants around Bangkok, we collect used glass bottles and recycle them into decorative household items like drinking glasses or snack bowls. Rather than falling into the same trap of donating our funds to charity and using quantitative evidence to ‘sell our story,’ the empowering tone of my melody motivated me to take our team to directly interact with the Khlong Toey slums.

With the preliminary funds we gained from selling our products, we purchased over 20 glass cutters and worked with Second Chance in Klong Toey to educate young adults of safe glass-cutting practices to earn an income whilst also empowering unemployed woman in the Khlong Toey slums to earn an income by producing our upcycled packaging made from used clothes. 

My realization stimulated my motivation to truly understand the cause of the projects that I choose to delve into. As a financial member of our school’s development bank, I aim to understand the goals of loanees to ensure that our grants and loans are accompanied by successful action plans that will enrich the local community of Thailand and South East Asia. The notion of seeing one of our micro-financed service projects directly impact the community through constructing a football field in the rural village of Knapor, subsidizing chemotherapy for young children, or even purchasing an industrial scale coffee grinder for the Om Goi village in Northern Thailand delights me.  

From now on, I tackle my endeavors with a preliminary goal to decipher and understand. As a leader in the student and technology council in my school, my decisions are facilitated by understanding the needs of the student body. After understanding the urgency of protecting endangered species, I used my love for music to work towards planning concerts (called Mixed Up) and funding conservation efforts for the Slo Loris. 

Whilst the magnitude of social issues had often overwhelmed me, I knew I could not turn to simple tunes to make a difference. True change meant unmasking the muffling rhythms of my ignorance and engaging with sustained collective efforts to hear the real sounds of my communities. 

Video of me explaining my motivations/ambitions and some of the aforementioned accomplishments 🡪


Other accomplishments that I am proud of include:

  • Achieved the Global Citizenship Diploma with Distinction
  • Achieved a perfect 45/45 score on the International Baccalaureate examination (Top 0.21% of all candidates) 
  • Amongst 39 students to receive a full ride scholarship to the University of Toronto
  • Being heavily engaged in trips to build an artificial reef in Thailand’s “Turtle Island”
  • Developing various initiatives within school such as producing a show called “Falcon News” and creating an anonymous bullying report system as the vice president of the student council.
  • Led and grew an Instagram page called “Humans of Bangkok” or @hobisbkk that shared stories to inspire Thailand’s youth. 
  • Sang in various events, most notably the Global Goals World Cup, with actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in attendance

In addition to the above narrative which highlights a significant realization in my life thus far and the actions I have taken in response to it, I would also like to take this opportunity to further reflect on myself. 

To me, being humble, grateful, kind, hardworking and passionate is what defines success. I try to approach every day with an appreciation for everything around me and what I have, rather than what I do not. As such, I am incredibly grateful to have been brought up in Thailand, a country that has, above all, taught me the value of culture, respect and open-mindedness. 

I do not consider myself to be smart or successful, but I always try my best to give everything my all. I believe in never saying no to any opportunity that comes my way, and I always try to do what makes me uncomfortable. 

I am extremely optimistic about the future. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and business, and I hope to one day have my own socially conscious business that allows me to give back to the world around me. While I do not have a concrete plan of where I want my life to go,  I aim to demonstrate gratitude, global citizenship, passion, and drive every step of the way while never forgetting to enjoy all that life has to offer. 


Denis Duilio Trevisan

From: Trebaseleghe, Padua (Italy) – living in Thailand

Age: 23 years

Activity: 4th year (last) of BBA in International Hotel Management at Vatel Business School Bangkok. Interning at Soho Hospitality as Operations Management Trainee.

Hello. My name is Denis. I’m 23 years old and I am originally from a small town in the north-east of Italy.

I grow up there until I was 16. On my 11th grade of high school I won a AFS scholarship to go to study one year high school in Thailand. This changed my life completely. That year abroad, far away from my family, immersed in a completely new culture, helped me be the man that I am today. It broaden my point of view and made me feel more and more a citizen of the world.

My hometown in Italy is kinda small and there are not many activities to do as a teenager so my year abroad in one of the biggest city in Thailand gave me so many new inputs and ideas.

I really enjoyed that year abroad and it changed my future to an extent that I decided to move to Thailand and start my undergraduate university journey in a business school in Bangkok.

At the moment, 5 years has passed since I moved to Bangkok and a lot of things has changed and I grown up.

I always loved to travel and put myself out of my comfort zone. As soon as I finished high school, when I was 19 I moved to London to find a job and I lived there for 9 months on my own. I was working as a waiter at the Ritz London. It was an amazing experience and it made me realize that I wanted to continue my studies in the hospitality sector and that I missed Asian culture.

After that, as I mentioned before, I moved to Thailand and study my first 2 years of university at Vatel International Business School that offers one of the best International Hotel Management Degree in partnership with a local university (Silpakorn University). This program attracted me because it offered a double degree program and one of the two degree is from a recognized French university (Vatel) so, at the end, the degree would be recognized also in my home country. 

During my third year of university I joined an exchange program and I studied in Madrid (Spain) for 8 months. It was good to go back a western country close to my home country. I enjoyed to go back to my old cultural habits and customs for a while. This year abroad made me realize that I feel at home only when I am in Asia. I realized that, even if I was born in Italy, I feel myself more as a Thai person for my cultural background.

I really feel myself at home here in Bangkok. It is good to go back, for let’s say 2-3 weeks to my homecountry to visit relatives and family, but after that homesick for Thailand starts appearing and I feel I need to come back.

At this time of the year, I have lots of important decisions to take and that can profoundly impact my future so I need to carefully think about all of the options.

I am interning in the operations department at Soho Hospitality, a dream company in Bangkok for fresh graduates. I might be hired by them in the following months so I can extend my stay in Thailand. 

If not, I have to think about what to do next because my student visa will expire and if I will not obtain a work permit I will have to leave Thailand.

Since 2 years ago, I have another passion that I wish that could become my career. I like acting and I wish to be a comedy actor. I am trying to pursuing this as a side job at the moment but it is not an easy journey.

My future goal is either to become a General Manager of a ultra-luxury hotel in one of the big cities in Asia or to underake a career in Thai TV as a comedian actor. I believe I could be a good leader in a few years. I am learning and practicing the right skills to lead teams effectively.

My first choice of career is more stable and solid. The second is more creative and risky but I think it could give me back more happiness than the first. I might find something in between of the two.

I try to be nice with everyone that I met during my life journey. We never know when we can meet them again or when we could need help and support from them.

Even if I am far from my family I still contact them through socials almost everyday. In the last few months I met Min, my actual girlfriend and we decided to live together. She helps me get through every moment and give me the extra smile that I need. It is always good to have someone that wait me at home when I get back from work 😊.

It is hard to change the world because there are so many people think differently than me but at least I can do something that make a positive impact to the community around me. Lately I did some activities with local kids and I help them to get rid of stage fear and be more confindent to speak in public.

I am still young and I have a lot to learn from life and it is important to stay always humble. 

Thank you for your time to listen to my story. Have a wonderful day!

Udit Kaul

From: Lucknow, India

Age: 18 years

Activity: Recent High School Graduate, Entrepreneur

Hello there! My name is Udit, an ordinary guy with an extraordinary dream. I come from a typical nri middle class family and have lived my whole life in KSA and Bahrain. Aspiring real estate investor with an embedded zeal for business and finance. Good in interpersonal communications and enthusiasm for sports. Dabblnig in euntrprenuership I co-founded a company called Requir along with two other assosiates of mine but it never took off. I am what you say is a guy whos in it for the money  because unless and until you understand the value and sheer importance of money it will never come to you. I try to come up with strategies  in which with hardwork and persevierence the money flows in by itself. So far as a teenager I am only able to sit and watch as others go on the same journey I learn from others mistakes as well as my own. Being an  indian it helps you develop mentally physically socially and spiritually the indian culture is one of the most extravagant and intricate cultures in the world and being brought up in an indian  household with indian values benefits me giving me dicipline, respect towards everyone and everything and  a crtain level of street smarts but living in the Middle east is an expirience in of itself Bahrain being in the top ten countries to live and work tihe Middle East is a vision a vision which was tought by its leaders and converted a desert where even tree wouldnt grow into a thriving metropolis. Living in the middle east is the reason of who I am today and I see myself living and working here in the future ass well. As of now my achievements are limited, I try participating in everything so i have achievements in debate competition, sports, drama etc. I take a umanistic approach towards life because intead of seeing you as a man of a particular religion, caste, creed etc I see you as a friend. My family brought me up in a way in which i am comfortable wherver i am and can easily adapt to new enviroments you might see me servings rotis in the local gurudwara or donating blood in the hospital blood bank. My main goal to help society is to financially literate young children, to promote schools in teaching money handling and to teach children how to live with people in peace and harmony.

Jiraput Thamsongkrah

Jiraput Thamsongkrah

From: Thailand

Age: 22 years

Activity: Senior Computer Networks student at Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University 

As a driven university student in a developing country, I have studied information and communication technology at the Faculty of Informarion and Communicarion Technology,  Mahidol University.  

 In this era, most people might be thinking about Artificial Intelligence (AI), RoboEc  Process Automation (RPA), Edge Computing, Quantum Computing, Blockchain, and the Internet  of Things (IoT). For me, I am the one who thinks about how to secure those things. Therefore, I  decided to choose my career pathway to cybersecurity since technologies should come along  with security. I desire to maintain the highest security and privacy of these technologies in my  country for my goal.  

 I literally started my journey from scratch in the cybersecurity field in the middle of 2019.  This journey is challenging because I have studied information technology since 2017, but the  cybersecurity field is beyond that. In order to secure the information technology system, I have  to know the fundamentals of information technology deeply. After I finish studying at the university, I watch the video from YouTube every day for 2-3 hours and pracEce 100  cybersecurity questions every week. I always believed that if I really want to do something, I can achieve my goal by changing my behavior.  

 The cost of completeng my bachelor’s degree is around 18,000 USD, which is not cheap if compared with Thailand’s minimum wage. This situation will not happen if I am in a developed  country where the government focuses on the quality of people’s life. Many talented people in  my country lose the opportunity to study at university. Moreover, the perspective of people in  this country still gives too much value to degrees. For example, even I have the knowledge to  perform a job nicely, but I did not have a degree. The company will not accept me until I get a degree.  

 Now, I have passed some certification exams in cybersecurity. I can say that I am really proud of the eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester (eJPT) cerification. It is a significant foothold if I want to become cybersecurity expertise. Moreover, my next goal is to obtain the  Offensive Security Certrfied Professional (OSCP) cerEficaEon. OSCP is the baseline that most penetration testers must pass this certification exam. I am preparing to take this exam in  2021/2022. 

I will give my time and skills to society by participaing in volunteer cybersecurity events  and publishing essential articles. I am also a bug bounty hunter in Bugcrowd to use my expertise to improve the world’s security field. I am very excited to use my knowledge and skills to enhance and secure people’s lives in my developing country or region in the future. 

Kush Bhardwaj

Kush Bhardwaj

From: New Delhi, India

Age: 22 years

Activity: Bachelors in Business Administration, University of Wroclaw

Learning as a passion has always opened a lot of new avenues for me. I have always aspired to choose a career in a field that motivates me and holds a natural appeal to me. I feel the need to constantly streamline and upgrade the tools and resources to make our life worth living. Today, I stand at the pathway of learning and have without hesitation, opted to further study the field of business as it excites me the most.

My first step towards business studies was when I first decided to take an Economics course in tenth standard in school. This fascinated me to move towards this field as a career. The desire to pursue business studies motivated me to reserve a seat in the Business Administration program at the University of Wroclaw. Being a freshman, I developed an interest in accounting and finance. The curiosity had me driven to get more detailed training in financial statements and concepts outside the college. This not only provided an insight into how transactions are recorded but also nourished my problem-solving skills.

Under the guidance of my professors, I was able to perform well and was awarded the Rector’s Scholarship for the Best Student, 2019-20, 2020-21, for securing the first position in academic performance in the BBA study program. It was in the fourth semester of BBA that I started preparing for professional training and was fortunate enough to be selected as a Finance Intern at Deutsche Telekom Digital Labs. I gained a fair knowledge of the basics of finance and spreadsheets, applying my classroom concepts to real-life scenarios. I also learned about the nuances of professional business communication. After the successful completion of my training, I was assigned to my first real-time project – accounting policy preparation. Being the only intern in the Finance Department, my responsibilities increased. This gave me an insight into the deeper levels of corporate finance functioning. I am sure that this is the starting of a new phase in my life. Five years ago, little did I know that I would eventually develop such a keen interest in this field. 

I am confident that I will complete my studies with a mindset that depicts a zeal to go into the real world with sound foundations. I am a very ambitious person with an aspiration to reach the skies one day. It is of utmost importance for me to equip myself with full knowledge backed by sufficient field experience. 

Ta Chindasook

Ta Chindasook 

From: Bangkok, Thailand 

Age: 19 years

Activity: Music Industry Major and Recording Minor at Northeastern University College of Arts, Media and Design.

Currently working as a freelancing record producer, mixing and mastering engineer, as well as an instrumentalist for various charity concerts, gigs, and numerous fundraising events.

I told my long-time best friend that there are three inevitable things in life:  death, taxes, and changes. The first two are obvious and self-explanatory;  however, the third one has left my friend with a temporary bald spot on his head  from all the head scratching and confusion. Ironically, he has experienced  physical change, a temporary loss of hair on his head. On the other hand, the type  of change I experienced was rather mental. It was the maturity and self 

motivation that resulted in this inner desire to permanently change my traits and  the way I want to live that defines me as a person. 

Primarily focused on my personal development and growth during the new  normal, I have learned and acquired additional skills in hopes of making a  difference in the world through one of my passions, the music industry. Song  composition, audio mixing, music production, and mastering are skills that I have  acquired from listening and exploring new ideas exposed in different musical  genres. All the Trap, Lo-Fi, Psytrance, Hard-Style, and Electro House beats that I  have produced was like swimming from a narrow river through the vast ocean. In  the end, what really matters is the impact you had on others and the legacy you  leave behind that becomes permanent. Bill Gates was once known as the richest  man alive, now he is remembered as the founder of the largest private foundation  in the world. There is absolutely more to the music industry than generating  profit, revenue, and reputation as I was able to show others what I am capable of  doing by making an impact in my local Thai community in the past. Young  children are inspired to follow my footsteps after attending one of my charity  concerts in Bangkok, and I have become an extremely compassionate individual  through focusing on the needs of others rather than my own.  

Currently, I am letting my ambition carrying me to succeed and grow in life  through the universal language of music and sound. Through that medium, I was  granted the ability to change people’s lives by creating the musical version of the  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. With the number of many resources available,  lots of flexibility and additional room for success, and barely any restrictions that  I am able to channel this desire to help others through sounds and musical notes. 

As a musician and global citizen, I am working towards a goal of recognizing and taking action to meet the needs of individuals, communities, and our society through music with a desire for positive outcomes. I have found my place in this vibrant and diverse community, characterized by collaboration, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. By understanding how organizations all around the world approach social issues in support of their communities through the various community volunteers program and service opportunities, I am able to work directly with musical community-based organizations in helping those in need through my experiences and passions in music. Hosting, organizing, and raising funds through charity concerts and gigs, I am directly serving the needs of others that results in a long-lasting impact in the heart’s of these individuals. As long as we believe in ourselves, nothing is impossible.

prince cler acosta


From: Philippines

Activity: Bartender

Hi, My name is Prince Cler, most of my friends and workmates called me ‘Princee’ I was born and raise in the archipelago in Philippines. I was born on November 2, 199x (Hehe). I love listening to music, singing as well, a little bit in dancing. I recently discovered my passion in cooking and baking. In terms of taking care of my health I love drinking tea during breakfast, eating more fruits, less eating of red meat I am a seafood lover, more on vegetables I like salads, and my most favorite meal course is dessert my most favorite is chocolate moist fondant cake. I do light exercise on my free time or stretching, I like to play badminton but I think badminton doesn’t like me (hahaha). Family matters, I have two siblings I’m the youngest in the family, my father was a soldier and my mom is a house wife, my parents are separated since I was 16 years old when the time I heard that they will separate I feel that my whole life will be ruin that time It’s hard to accept the situation I can’t focus on my studies I feel like I don’t want to go to school, everytime I go to school I wanted to be alone I was just looking on one side starring in the air, my closest friends are worried they are giving me advices, when they give advices my mind is out of nowhere it’s difficult to sink into my memory what they have said to me, all I want is to cry, but when my aunt talk to us it sink to my mind that this is not the end of my life I realized that I need to study hard finished my school and enter into the University to pursue my dreams and get high marks in the school so that my parents would be proud of me. That I realized even though they are not together my life will still go on. When it’s time to enroll in the University I have difficulties to choose which course I would choose my parents want me to enroll in Nursing Course, that was my dream when I was a child to become a nurse but there is a reason why I didn’t choose that course because of my sister’s accident I realized I couldn’t take a nurse I’m afraid of blood, I said to myself I want to travel, I need a course that could make me travel, Tourism course might help me to travel so I enroll to that course. While I’m on my college degree course everything is different it’s another chapter to make, you need to make new friends at school, my old friends during my high school was on the different school I have to stand on my personality to have a new circle of friends, my journey in college was a bit hard because some of my minor class I have in different college department classmates, there were times my classmates are 4th year and I was in my 2nd year I was a bit nervous because I feel that they were very good because they’ve reach the 4th year and I said to myself I need to prove them that I can beat them, I will pass this class with high marks. There are times I’m thinking to have a part time job in this times I said to myself that I should not depend on my parents the other expenses for my studies so I applied as a cashier in one of the establishments in my province I am starting to be independent, this is the start of my dreams to reach. After my graduation I went to the capital city of the Philippines to get a job that is related to my course, but it wasn’t easy to get a job as a fresher you have to bear the discrimination/rejection from the employer, as a fresher in my country you can’t get a job easily if you don’t have experience in the position you are applying for, and if you don’t have a pleasing personality your not qualified and if you don’t have a good backer with high position you will br rejection. In this times I’m so down, but this is not the hindrance to quit,I still pursue applying even though I am walking in the street and the temperature of the weather is hot, I need to bear it to submit my CV and get a job. One day I receive a call from employer He said “I want to make an interview with you but you need to come within an hour” I was shock, I said to myself an hour? Then I realized I need a job, I need to be there, then I replied yes I will be there within an hour. Interview is on going we have a short conversation then finally I got it then he said you will start your work today you need to prepare yourself and be here exactly 4pm. I have only 3 hours to prepare, find a clothes needed and come back, and that’s my dream started. Eventhough I don’t have experience as a barista he trusted me that I can make it and I’m eager to learn. Months pass by, while walking near to the park going home I saw a poster, a job hiring outside the country going to Dubai, I said I want to travel I want to apply I want to experience working outside the country and be independent, I did not give up I pass the interview waited for my visa for a very long time it takes almost a year to get my visa, while I’m waiting for a very long time I almost give up but there is God uplift me, give me strength not to give up and be positive in life, and 8 months of waiting I got my visa, finally I will travel and start to explore learn new things, understand other culture meet new people work with other nationalities. Living independently away from your family was not easy, so many adjustments you need to acquire but if you are brave and strong to face all the challenges in life you will overcome all those challenges, trust yourself fight for your dreams and goals in life, 5 years of battle in the challenges I overcome it from being barista to bartender I reach it through the guidance and support of the people around me and who trust in me. Especially the guidance of God I can reach my goals. Someday I will have my own Café, believe in yourself and don’t ever mind what other people say about you, it’s you who will make your dreams come true not the other people, follow what your heart and mind say. I hope to all readers this will make an inspiration to you to pursue your dreams whatever difficulties in life you may encounter, don’t give up, CHEER UP!!!!.


Sidharath Joshi

From: Himachal Pradesh, India

Age: 25 years

Activity: PhD student

First of all, thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to introduce myself. 

Currently I am a doctoral student at Asian Institute of technology, Thailand, working in the field of Industrial engineering and Manufacturing technology, specialization in supply chain network designing. My research concerns building resilient supply chain networks and the mitigation strategies to handle uncertainties and disruptions faced by supply chain of industries. Looking forward to work on building resilience in a sustainable supply chains and Green supply chains. 

I am a person with strong determination and strongly believes in perfection. In this fast-changing world patience, a trait which I feel a lot of people lack, I am blessed to receive an ample amount of it. Nowadays people say smart work is the key to success which is true although but success does not come through magic or luck; without a dream, a goal, an ambition its impossible. It takes sweat, resolution and hard work to achieve it. Personally, I enjoy cooking, Photography, listening to Music, reading books, love animals and riding my bike around. Nowadays, I am learning musical instruments which was my all-time favourite desire since my childhood.

Parents are the best teachers of our life and dream of our future. My father, Dr. Vinod Kumar Joshi is the first person, from whom I imbibed the fundamental learning character, showing me the joy of intellectual pursuit ever since I was a child. He has always been boosting my morale, whenever I felt a bit anxious or frustrated. With love and celestial smiles, I respectfully thank my mother Mrs. Sushma Joshi, who sincerely raised me with her caring and gentle love. It is their blessing who I am today. Till now my parents are my consistence source of inspiration and motivation. If god takes something from you, then God gives an alternative to overcome that inability. My parents both are handicapped and they both have achieved success in their life by overcoming their disabilities, as my father, a proud professor serving this world by giving eminent contribution in food science field whereas my mother a retired principal of school making our home beautiful with her presence and delicious food. Listening to my father, his struggles stories and his advice, it always has helped me as I have gained enough experience to handle any bad situation that comes in my way. From my mother’s experience, I have learnt how to be an all-rounder as its always better to have a person who is good in everything just like a mother.

I wasn’t a god gifted child or born with superior abilities to shine brightly in this world. Achieving good grades in school was just to make my parents image up in this society. I was an average student who use to wait for 4 p.m. to get into field and play cricket/football with friends. Soon, in my high school, I suffered a back injury which ruined my future plans to play for my country. I still remember the talk that I had with my father 2-3 months before my boarding exams, he said “my dear, I am always with you, if you want to go to sports academy, you can!  if you don’t want to do anything, no worries! we will open a store for you! but if you want to study then it’s the time to strike, start studying, I have seen a strong academic character in you, study with full-heart” Since that day, I started studying carefully. I found a significant interest in science and engineering and my curiosity, my hunger for knowledge increased day by day. Knowledge is the key to gain confidence as it helped to overcome my biggest challenge viz an introvert personality, which always stopped me to do things I liked. I started reading books, I found a great interest in psychology, spirituality, inner peace and fun of being an extrovert, within an year, I found a great change in me. Now I am not that lazy fellow who use to say let’s do that tomorrow, my father had ignited a spirit that says forget tomorrow let’s do it now.

    Born in beautiful country like India, with a huge diversity, different religions and so many cultures, it has helped me in being interactive to people from different countries and easily understand their feelings. I found myself a more social and fun filling personality while communicating with people of different origins. With 1.36 billion population, the competition level is beyond imagination. Either you have to be best in this world or a son of a businessman on to achieve something here. This drives me to work harder as hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard. 

    My best proud moment was when I stood first position in my batch while I was doing Bachelor of technology (Mechanical Engineering). I have earned a lot of prizes and certificate in sports and other extra-curricular activities, my parent were happy with them also but the smile I saw on my parents face was something as beautiful as a blue moon. Since then, I have kept that blue moon with me! As I am honoured with a gold medal for securing best grades in my bachelors. Later on, I was awarded with AIT fellowship, which sponsored my masters. Recently, I was awarded with His Majesty The King’s Doctorate Scholarship by Thai government. My bachelors major project (Designing and fabrication of roofless car) was inaugurated by first Indian IPS officer Smt. Kiran Bedi.  Moreover, I was sportsmen of the year 2013, awarded by my high school. I have three publications (1 in press) and hope to produce more academic contribution to this world. Me and my colleagues worked on several projects like PaanFun- a 3D Extrusion printer, Environmental impact assessment of grocery bags using LCA (SimaPro), Improvement in pull system of inventory control, Diagnostics and fault finding in CNC system, New alternative for Packaging of JAM, Product design and development of Smart Table, Belt driven recreational cycle, Hydraulic powered robotic arm etc,.

    With an increase in technology, I feel this world wouldn’t be the same as it today. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have amplified the creativity and imagination of humans. Our future would be exceptionally beautiful, it would be so smart that we can’t even image. It was a dream of people in 18th century to fly high, many people called wright brother idiots but their invention is still making people dreams come true today. Who knows what would be the future tomorrow! All we can do is to enjoy present and live our journey towards human kind.

    Whenever people ask me where do to you see yourself in next upcoming years. I always answer them I would like to see myself an improved version of me as compared to my past. Each individual has its own timeline, an own exam of life. I dream to be one of the best teachers in this world. I believe teachers build up future and I would love to be a part of it. Thereafter, once I am capable enough to stand strong in this competitive world, I would love to take a philanthropist approach and serve humanity.

    Many times, we hesitate to bring a change in society as majority doesn’t agrees the same but a strong determination of a single individual can change the world just like Indian’s father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi. World needs people who can correct the mistakes we humans did and still doing to make our temporary lives better but the costs of those comfort are now visible; climate change causing natural disasters are increasing day by day, plastic pollution has significantly increased, we must act now. I am trying my best to design resilient supply chains for industries which take consideration of these environmental concerns. Apart from that we need to build human ethic back to our world so that God’s best creation doesn’t stand down the list. 

do huu truong

Do Huu Truong

From: Vietnam

Age: 21 years

Activity: Fourth year student and have been working in several startups in different sectors.

I am a typical Vietnamese guy who has made an adventurous decision with an ambition to thrive in a new culture a couple of years ago. My consistency back then was provoked with the hope to dig deeper into the international business point of view. I have currently pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship at Bangkok University. I value real-life and hands-on experience over theoretical knowledge. This characteristic spread out to several projects and positions I took during university life. I do not accept a fact when I have not yet verified or proved it correct. An entrepreneurial spirit has always been inside my blood that shines bright when I got to do something. I want to touch everything in the operation process to make sure it performs its job well enough. When I got my hands on those responsibilities, I tend to get it all done as soon as possible. After that, I analyze the results to trace the mistakes that occurred along the way. In the end, I choose to either pivot or do more to see more accurate outcomes. I work towards recognition, which makes salary is not the first prioritized factor to attract me. Instead of a well-paid job, the pervasive recognition from friends, colleagues, and communities is what I am heading. 

I always tell myself that I will be an entrepreneur who will somehow get exposed to a free working schedule. Most importantly, to put a total contribution to the work that I am passionate about it. Tony Gaskins used to say: “If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs” This perception has followed me on my pathway towards my goals. I work towards recognition and a visionary. No matter how many hours it takes to get a job done in a day, I will take it as the reward is as high as the pressure it forms. I am a believer, and the only thing that could make my sleeves roll up and dedicate my life is my dream, which I have proved the right one to thrive. I have a vision that everyone in this world will have access to auto-based technology under a transparent and pure moral standard. We could understand that a time when a standard income person is allowed to approach a high-end tech device. Plus, that person lives in a community that against corruption. 

My journey started from the very first project I contributed with 3 other friends. That was the time when I was 19 years old. At that age, I did not have much experience though, not to say that I did not have any at all. I decided to take a step at the most prominent industry at the place where I operated the project which was the tourism industry. I tried to step out of the box by actively searching for friends who are up to the project and looking for partnerships. Not to mention that I was responsible for most of the tasks in the project ranged from tour guide to social media influencer. The next important milestone in my journey was the time when I got a chance to attend a summer course at a university in Spain. During the course, I had a chance to meet smart and multicultural people who led me to a new mindset which I have found beneficial to my life so far. I did not have a good communication capability back then and struggled to keep up with everyone. But my aspiration helped to connect them to me. The final point in my journey belongs to my internships in different industries with leaders from different cultures. The challenge that I had to encounter was a cross-culture problem. The remedy to this issue is to go for international behavior standard as the company see it as the common ground to interact with their international staff. The solution also leads to more opportunities in the future rather than go for the particular behavior from that country’s culture. 

Two primary factors that have played a prominent role in shaping me today are hard-working and entrepreneurial spirit. As a Vietnamese guy, I have a characteristic of an Asian guy that is to learn, learn and learn till I could not sit anymore to learn. Then will shift to lie on the bed and learn. Knowledge is unlimited. Therefore, the more I could dedicate to learn from, the wiser I become. As a citizen in a country categorized as a lower-middle-income one, learning without resting is a significant key to transform my life into a better version. My nation has recently been viewed as a startup hub where entrepreneurs are burgeoning. People are trying to get rid of the boring loop of an office worker routine, and thrive in a dynamic, risky, entrepreneurial atmosphere. I have had a chance to grow up inside that society where entrepreneurs are considered leaders of innovative, technology disruptive, and potential firms. However, there is an element in a country that influenced me at the beginning of my journey. That is cultural change-resistant. I had a perspective that wherever I go, nothing could influence my original culture or dissolve it. Patriotism was the main factor that led to that mindset. Fortunately, I had overcome that problem after a couple of times conquering with that mindset.

My achievement chain has a starting point in 2019 when I first came out of my comfort zone to attend a summer course at a university in Spain. The certificate at that university was not only proof of my dedication to thrive in a real multicultural environment when not even a classmate in my class has the same nationality as the others but also a successful endeavor to manage in a foreign country without help from any source of relations. I got an invitation to a conference where politicians, royal members, and decision-makers came to discuss several global topics to help bring back prospects and transformation. The idea is to utilize the power of the youth. Internships experience is a fruitful achievement to a young guy since I have tried to be part of firms that focus on marketing, finance, consulting, community, e-commerce, and retail under leaders from Thailand, Britain, and America. Cultural diversification from workplaces and leaders have brought to me different points of view related to working types, leader styles, and industry insights. In the meantime, I am working for placement in either Britain or America to get deeper into the business community in a particular country. On the other hand, I am planning to get a Master’s degree in either America and Britain to boost my knowledge and experience for a long-term career in both nations. 

I have a vision when I will be working in the finance industry as either a risk manager or a financial modeler or both in either Britain or America. I love helping entrepreneurs and their “offsprings” growing up day-by-day. It is a pleasure to be a tiny point of the whole growing and scaling chain. Therefore, holding a position in an incubator or an accelerator has always in my mind. The reason is the firms offer opportunities to get close to every startup and the initial process. The next step of my career ladder will be a position in either venture capital or private equity. Those businesses have always been well-known for their duty of leading and transforming small companies or public companies. The core of their responsibility is also related to the support towards those acquired firms. My last step in my career ladder is a seed investor or an angel investor with a hope to give potential companies funding to thrive in this business world. 

Growing big and influence the place around me to grow as big as me. My growth is positive, which makes me want to reform the world around me and convert it into a better place. However, nothing becomes better if a person interacts with it from that person’s point of view even that is a positive mindset, or at least that person thinks it is so. My solution is to leave the world to move forward as it has always done. In case I wanted to make it become a better version, I would only give out my best to prevent everything that could make the world a worse place. In that way, the world will not be manipulated by anyone or at least by me. This remedy could lead to the free world as no one could influence the world in a so-called better place by thinking that they are that “good” to consider reforming the globe. Trying to prevent as many bad things as possible that could make the world a worse place and the world will transform into a better place by its way. The Earth has always succeeded with the event of reforming for billions of years. 

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