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As a curious discoverer and writer I enjoy creating insightful, sharable books that delve into various facets of human talent and achievement, with a focus on mindset growth and unlocking possibilities. Please have a look at my current or upcoming eBook projects here.



A first-of-a-kind compilation book of travel insights and learnings from the people who travel most -- flight crews, digital nomads and bloggers!

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career booster book by aiman


My complete career coaching package in a PDF, guiding you to the highest levels of career success in corporate world. The product of over 14 years global HR experience.

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The Flourishing Entrepreneurial Lifestyle 1A2

FELS: The Flourishing Entreprenerial Lifestyle

Learn about this formula for success, prosperity and self-fulfillment from the global winners who practice it best!

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Rising Stars of the Rising Economies

A collection of journeys, ambitions, outlooks, and aspirations of talented youth across the developing world.

Coming in Spring 2022

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