In this section I will share some selected photos and videos from memorable moments in my life, whether interesting things I saw or encountered or participated in… perhaps some funny stories there as well!    (click photos to enlarge)

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Shooting Practice

Went out to try some rifle and pistol shooting at the Jebel Ali club.

Indoor Skydiving

This is fun… similar flotation feeling to the real activity but much safer of course!

Fun with the “Presidents”

Met some likenesses of Obama & Bush etc.

Fun with the “3D Art Displays”

Went to see a 3-D art display on the streets and was amazed by how realistic the drawings look… see for yourself!

Desert Adventures

Enjoy safaris, four-wheeling and camps sometimes when the weather allows.

Making a Short Film

Emirates airlines ran a short film competition for staff while I was working there, so I opted to participate. Made a 6-min comedy/social drama film airline crew who live together as flatmates, and what problems they may face — based on true stories gathered from the crew! Please pardon the acting as none of these folks are actors but were fortunately available on the day of filming and had a cooperative attitude 🙂

Animal Safari

Went to see some wild animals at Casela national park in Mauritius. Part of the tour was using segways, and parts were also in fenced jeeps and quad bikes.

Base Jumping

Somehow I found the courage to jump off the highest tower in Auckland, New Zealand (attached to some sort of cable of course)!

New Years’ Events in Dubai

Dubai certainly puts on some good shows on new year’s eve and other occasions… if you can handle massive crowds to see them

Planes & Flying

Co-piloted a small Cessna aircraft over Ras Al-Khaima, also took a seaplane flight over the Palm

UAE National Day Parades & Street Celebrations

These parades show the diverse multinational cultures of the Emirates and also some of the local hobbies such as falconry and fast cars. Out on the streets, people spray each other with various materials!

My Little Pets

Used to have these small rodents a few years back — definitely entertaining!

Stage Shows

I enjoy attending live performances whenever possible, and as most of them do not allow photography their memories have remained only in my head. Below I’m sharing some pictures I was able to take at some shows, such as the Swan Lake ballet and Illusionists magic show.

Grammy Awards

Was fortunate to attend one of these events back in 2012 and saw some famous artists like Chris Brown, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Coldplay, Adele, Bruno Mars, and Katy Perry.

Art & Fashion Events

Went to a few art nights, street art festivals and fashion shows while living in Dubai.

Motor Shows

I like to see fancy cars and classics, latest car technology and concepts too.

Miracle Gardens

Snowy Days

When I was living in the US we’d get a lot of snow sometimes, and this is what my neighborhood would look like.

Carnival in Brazil

Recommended spectacle to see once in a lifetime… lots of effort goes into designing these huge colorful parade floats and samba music.

Obama’s Election Night

Was lucky to be in Washington DC the day Mr. Obama was elected to be president.. everyone went out in the streets to celebrate and there was a general sense of euphoria around the city!

Live Concerts

I’ve attended a few concerts with some of the artists I follow — here are photos of some showing Pitbull, Amr Diab, and Enrique Iglecias.

Street Festivals in the US

Such festivals are often hosted in various US cities during the spring/fall months when the weather is best, featuring foods and performances and various crafts for sale.

Halloween Costumes

I’m a fan of creative costumes to be worn when the time is right!

Coco Bongo Club

Very unique place I discovered in Cancun, Mexico which provides a high-tech, dazzling entertainment show like what we used to see in the movies!

Hope you have enjoyed sharing in my vivid memories!

For my travels photos & stories please visit my travel blog, and to see technology events I participated in around the world please click here.

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