Entrepreneurs change the world and create the future. They focus their energies on solving problems, improving things around them and making a positive impact on peoples’ lives everywhere. To do this, most true entrepreneurs embody several characteristics which help them align their lifestyles around this pursuit – to be in the best possible position to achieve their goals successfully.

Here are the top 10 traits in a short summary format from the way I see them, as I have spent many years aspiring to grow in all these areas and help spread awareness of them to other as well (note the list is in random order and doesn’t signify relative priority):

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A passion for ideation and creation, i.e. coming up with new ideas for addressing market problems and improving quality of life in general, formulating proper solutions and models with a solid foundation of business acumen as well as some common sense and “street smarts” 🙂

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A strong drive for self-discovery and improvement, emotional intelligence and strength of character. Also having a good sense for discovering and polishing the talents of others, putting the right talents in the right places to unlock maximum potential.

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Finding and using the right tools (products, devices, hacks, software, etc.) for the right purpose.


Healthy lifestyle habits that support mental clarity and performance such as healthy eating, physical fitness and good sleep.

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An open mindset which is attracted to novelty, sound logic, good ethics, balance and elegance; rejecting biases, intolerance and bickering.

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Continuous learning through study, reading, curiosity and inquisitive conversation. This goes together with a drive for thought leadership and love for sharing the knowledge with others through teaching or mentorship.

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A love of travel and exploration, understanding different cultures and motivations, embodying the global citizen and digital nomad lifestyle.

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Being on the leading edge of technology – following the latest innovations and scientific developments with a focus on deep fields that stretch the limit of human capability.


Strong spiritual depth and practice (per one’s own faith) along with a drive for serving one’s nation and society.

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Having diverse hobbies and activities that challenge the mind to stretch further and reach greater heights, such as learning languages or appreciation of arts and creative pursuits. Finding beauty and fun in everything we do!

This lifestyle can bestow many benefits on its followers starting with substantial income and influential status in society, making lifelong dreams and ambitions come true, and having a fulfilling life full of excitement and adventure 🙂 It can also bring long-term physical and mental health benefits, and of course aims to improve the whole world around us and make it a better place for everyone.

My website is devoted to this pursuit and on these pages within you will see lots about my ongoing journey with business, travel, learning, activities, health, science, tools, technologies and all the rest. Hope you will share with me your thought and journeys as well, so we can grow together and uphold this gratifying lifestyle!

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