December 24, 2020

My process for coaching & mentoring entrepreneurs

There is a large number of aspiring entrepreneurs around the world who are eager to build new companies, solve problems and improve things around them. Most of them want to jump straight into success and create business to get customers. However, they would need to be more patient as these things don’t have overnight! There are a few steps that they would have to take first such as: Build a really good team that are experts in the industry market and specialized in a wide range of different fields such as finance, marketing, human resources etc.  Test the market opportunity […]
December 7, 2020

Harsh mistakes I’ve learned from as an entrepreneur

When launching a new company or idea in early stages, it is extremely hard to find support from the market and investors, as opposed to popular belief. That was a very hard lesson to learn because you spend a lot of money and take a big risk on yourself, but may end up losing it all because there isn’t any investment or support.  Not just that, but most service providers also don’t offer their support because they’re not used to working with startups. They mostly work with big already well established companies and have their service packages setup/priced accordingly. If […]