I have been playing  video games since 1989 or so (on PC only, no consoles). I usually prefer adventure and investigative games although I’ve through several types over the years — not into RPG or any multiplayer games though. Here’s the full list of all the games I’ve acquired and either played to completion or just a little, depending on how much I enjoyed them (also annotated).

1Cyrus Chess6/1990  
2Eagle’s Nest8/1990  
3Alley Cat12/1990  
4Double Dragon III4/1991  
5Police Quest10/1991  
6Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles10/1991  
7Battle Chess11/1991  
8Monkey Island11/1991YesYes
9Police Quest II11/1991  
10Ninja Turtles II12/1991  
12Indiana Jones III: Last Crusade2/1992  
13Ultima VI2/1992  
14King’s Quest IV3/1992  
15Nigel’s World3/1992  
16Gold Rush3/1992  
17Space Quest III4/1992 Yes
19Test Drive III4/1992Yes 
20Police Quest III5/1992Yes 
21Crime Wave5/1992  
22Mean Streets5/1992  
23Wrath of the Demon5/1992  
24Terminator II6/1992  
25Sim City6/1992  
26Sim Earth6/1992  
27Monkey Island II: LeChuck’s Revenge7/1992YesYes
28King’s Quest V7/1992Yes 
29Space Quest IV7/1992Yes 
30Martian Memorandum7/1992YesYes
31Commander Keen7/1992Yes 
32Rise of the Dragon7/1992YesYes
33Heart of China7/1992Yes 
34Sim Ant9/1992  
35Martian Dreams9/1992  
36Falcon III9/1992  
37Conflict Middle East9/1992  
38Indiana Jones IV: Fate of Atlantis10/1992YesYes
39Home Alone10/1992  
40Black Gold10/1992  
41King’s Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow11/1992YesYes
42Quest for Glory (New)11/1992  
43Strip Poker III11/1992  
44Space Quest  (New)12/1992YesYes
45Amazon: Guardian of Eden12/1992YesYes
46Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire1/1993  
47Leisure Suit Larry V1/1993Yes 
48Quest for Glory III2/1993  
49Police Quest (New)2/1993  
50The Dagger of Amon Ra3/1993YesYes
51Island of Dr. Brain3/1993Yes 
52Home Alone II3/1993  
53Curse of Enchantia3/1993 Yes
54The Leged of Kyrandia3/1993Yes 
55Wolfenstein 3D3/1993Yes 
57Wolf II: Spear of Destiny3/1993YesYes
59Terminator 20295/1993  
60Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective5/1993Yes 
61Space Quest V5/1993YesYes
62Daughter of Serpents5/1993Yes 
63Stunt Island5/1993  
65The Two Towers6/1993  
66Star Trek  25th Anniversary6/1993  
67Eye of the Beholder II6/1993  
68Conquests of the Longbow6/1993  
70Where in U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego6/1993  
71Legend of Valour9/1993  
72Lost Secret of the Rainforest9/1993  
73Horror Zombies9/1993  
74Rome II9/1993  
75Inspector Gadget9/1993  
77Car and Driver9/1993  
78Mystery at the Museums9/1993  
79Waxworks9/1993 Yes
81Blue Force10/1993 Yes
82Day of the Tentacle10/1993YesYes
83Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist10/1993  
84Pirates: Gold10/1993  
85Elvira II11/1993  
86Lands of Lore11/1993  
89Alone in the Dark11/1993  
90Return of the Phantom12/1993YesYes
91Space Adventure12/1993  
92Eagle Eye Mysteries12/1993  
93The Seventh Guest1/1994  
94Murder Makes Strange Deadfellows1/1994  
95Return to Zork1/1994 Yes
96The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes1/1994 Yes
97Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender-Bender1/1994  
98Police Quest IV: The Kindred2/1994Yes 
99Fatty Bear’s Surprise2/1994Yes 
100Legend of Kyrandia II: Malcolm Returns2/1994Yes 
101Sherlock Holmes II2/1994Yes 
102Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers2/1994Yes 
103Quest for Glory IV3/1994  
105Metal & Lace3/1994  
106Terminator Rampage3/1994  
107Star Trek: Judgement Rites3/1994  
108Alone in the Dark II3/1994  
109Sam & Max Hit the Road3/1994YesYes
110Labyrinth of Time5/1994  
112Leisure Suit Larry VI6/1994YesYes
113Prince of Persia II6/1994  
114Dracula Unleashed6/1994  
115Quantum Gate6/1994  
116Critical Path6/1994  
117Corridor 76/1994  
118Leisure Suit Larry (New)6/1994  
119Lost in Time7/1994  
120Dragon’s Lair8/1994  
121Companions of Xanth8/1994YesYes
122Lost in L.A.9/1994  
125DOOM  I12/1994Yes 
126Under a Killing Moon12/1994YesYes
127Leisure Suit Larry III12/1994  
128CD Shareware Pack (12 games)2/1995  
131King’s Quest VII: The Princeless Bride3/1995  
132Dark Seed3/1995  
133Rise of the Triad6/1995 Yes
134Death Gate7/1995YesYes
135Legend of Kyrandia III7/1995  
136Dark Forces7/1995  
137Full Throttle7/1995Yes 
139Space Quest VI: The Spinal Frontier8/1995  
143Panic in the Park9/1995  
144The Need for Speed11/1995YesYes
145The Dig12/1995YesYes
146Dark Seed II3/1996Yes 
147Psychic Detective3/1996  
149Gabriel Knight II: The Beast Within3/1996YesYes
150I Have No Mouth, But I must Scream3/1996  
153SFPD Homicide6/1996  
154Circle of Blood12/1996YesYes
155Leisure Suit Larry VII: Love Sails1/1997Yes 
156The Riddle of Master Lu1/1997  
157The Pandora Directive2/1997Yes 
161The Elk Moon Murder4/1997Yes 
162Zork Nemesis4/1997  
163Time Lapse4/1997  
164The Sacred Mirror of Kofun5/1997  
165DIVE: Conquest of the Silver Eye6/1997  
166Phantasmagoria II: A Puzzle of Flesh9/1997Yes 
168Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure9/1997  
169Shivers II: Harvest of Souls10/1997  
171Urban Runner10/1997  
172The Curse of Monkey Island11/1997YesYes
173Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror11/1997Yes 
174Sherlock Holmes: Case of the Rose Tattoo12/1997 Yes
175The Need for Speed II, Special Edition12/1997YesYes
176The Last Express1/1998  
177Tex Murphy: Overseer3/1998YesYes
180Amber: Journeys Beyond4/1998  
182Twinsen’s Odyssey6/1998  
184Black Dahlia7/1998Yes 
185Azrael’s Tear8/1998YesYes
186FIFA World Cup ’989/1998Yes 
187The Need for Speed III9/1998  
188Titanic: Adventure out of Time9/1998Yes 
189The Journeyman Project III: Legacy of Time10/1998Yes 
190Realms of the Haunting10/1998  
191NHL 9911/1998YesYes
192Grim Fandango12/1998YesYes
194FIFA 992/1999YesYes
195Unreal Special Edition5/1999YesYes
196The Blackstone Chronichles6/1999Yes 
198Shogo: Mobile Armory Division6/1999YesYes
200Midtown Madness7/1999 Yes
201Test Drive: Off Road II7/1999  
202Mummy: Tomb of the Pharoah7/1999Yes 
204FIFA 200011/1999  
205Prince of Persia 3D11/1999  
206Blood II11/1999 Yes
207Indiana Jones V: The Infernal Machine12/1999 Yes
208Unreal Tournament12/1999  
209Gabriel Knight III: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned1/2000Yes 
210Heretic II1/2000  
213The Sims3/2000  
214Soldier of Fortune4/2000YesYes
215Urban Chaos4/2000  
216Thief II: The Metal Age4/2000  
217New Adventures of the Time Machine10/2000  
218Dracula Resurrection10/2000  
219Deus Ex10/2000  
220Escape From Monkey Island12/2000Yes 
221The Longest Journey12/2000YesYes
222FIFA 200112/2000  
223Hitman: Code 472/2001  
224Pacman: Adventures in Time2/2001  
225The Operative: No One Lives Forever4/2001YesYes
227Blair Witch 2: Coffin Rock4/2001  
230The Road to El Dorado5/2001  
231Clive Barker’s Undying5/2001  
232Demolition Racer5/2001  
233Serious Sam6/2001  
234CIA Operative: Solo Missions6/2001  
235The Messenger7/2001  
237Half Life: Blue Shift7/2001Yes 
238Evil Dead: Hail to The King8/2001  
239Max Payne8/2001  
241Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion8/2001  
2424×4 Evolution 212/2001  
243Kawasaki ATV12/2001  
244In Pursuit of Justice1/2002  
245Jack Orlando: Director’s Cut1/2002  
246Mystery of the Druids1/2002Yes 
247Midtown Madness 21/2002 Yes
248Road to India2/2002YesYes
249Jetboat Superchamps 22/2002  
250Polaris Snowcross2/2002  
251Riddle of the Sphinx2/2002  
252Return to Castle Wolfenstein2/2002YesYes
253The Sims: Hot Date2/2002  
254Beach Head 20024/2002  
255Medal of Honor: Allied Assault4/2002YesYes
256Secret Service4/2002  
257Serious Sam: The Second Encounter4/2002  
258Adventure at the Chateau D’Or4/2002  
259FIFA World Cup 20026/2002YesYes
260Hitchcock: The Final Cut6/2002Yes 
261Under Ash6/2002  
262The Watchmaker8/2002  
263Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix8/2002  
264Atlantis 310/2002  
265The Thing11/2002  
267Hitman 2: Silent Assasin12/2002  
268No One Lives Forever 212/2002YesYes
269Auryn Quest12/2002  
270The Cameron Files: Pharaoh’s Curse1/2003Yes 
272Traitor’s Gate1/2003  
273James Bond 007: Nightfire2/2003  
275Sherlock Holmes: Mystery of the Mummy5/2003  
276RalliSport Challenge5/2003  
277The Omega Stone6/2003  
279Indiana Jones & the Emperor’s Tomb6/2003 Yes
280CSI: Crime Scene Investigation7/2003Yes 
281Runaway: A Road Adventure9/2003YesYes
282Sniper: Path of Vengeance9/2003  
283Dracula: The Last Sanctuary9/2003  
285Silent Hill 210/2003  
286Postal 210/2003 Yes
287The Black Mirror11/2003YesYes
288Journey to the Center of the Earth11/2003Yes 
289Legend of the Prophet and the Assasin11/2003  
290Aztec: The Sacred Amulet11/2003  
292Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon12/2003YesYes
293Traitor’s Gate 2: Cypher12/2003  
294Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island12/2003  
295A Quiet Weekend in Capri4/2004  
296Jack the Ripper4/2004  
297Syberia 25/2004YesYes
298Forever Worlds5/2004  
299Midnight Nowhere5/2004  
300The Egyptian Prophecy5/2004  
302CSI: Dark Motives6/2004YesYes
303Far Cry8/2004 Yes
304Grand Theft Auto: Vice City9/2004 Yes
305Doom 39/2004YesYes
306Deus Ex 2: Silent War9/2004YesYes
307Contract J.A.C.K.9/2004Yes 
308Sherlock Holmes: The Silver Earring10/2004  
309CSI: Miami2/2005YesYes
310The Moment of Silence3/2005YesYes
311Legacy: Dark Shadows3/2005  
312Wanted: A Wild Western Adventure3/2005  
313Playboy: The Mansion5/2005  
314Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude5/2005  
315Still Life6/2005YesYes
316Half Life 26/2005 Yes
318Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit)10/2005  
319Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None11/2005YesYes
320Crime Stories (Martin Mystere)3/2006YesYes
322CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder3/2006YesYes
323Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas6/2006 Yes
324FIFA World Cup 20067/2006 Yes
326The Longest Journey: Dreamfall10/2006YesYes
328Half Life 2 – Episode 110/2006  
329Sin – Episode 110/2006  
330Secret Files: Tunguska12/2006YesYes
331Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express12/2006  
332Runaway 2: The Dream of the Turtle5/2007YesYes
333Broken Sword 4: Secret of the Ark5/2007YesYes
334CSI: Hard Evidence10/2007YesYes
335Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened2/2008  
336Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun2/2008YesYes
337Secrets of Atlantis2/2008  
338Culpa Innata4/2009YesYes
3394×4 Hummer4/2009  
340Left for Dead 26/2010  
341Chronicles of Mystery8/2010  
342Memento Mori8/2010YesYes
343Art of Murder: The Hunt fot the Puppeteer8/2010Yes 
344Still Life 28/2010Yes 
345Runaway 310/2011Yes 
346Black Mirror 21/2014YesYes
347Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse5/2014YesYes
348Memento Mori 2: Guardians of6/2014Yes 
349Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect6/2014YesYes
350Black Mirror 36/2014YesYes
351Far Cry 36/2014  
352Just Cause 26/2014  
354Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments8/2014YesYes
355The Vanishing of Ethan Careter8/2014  
356Murder: Soul Survivor8/2014  
357Amnesia: The Dark Descent8/2014  
358Slender – The Arrival8/2014  
359Dreamfall Chapters9/2014  
360Her Story8/2015  
361Layers of Fear8/2015  
362Deus Ex: Human Revolution8/2015 Yes
363Secret Files 37/2016 Yes 
364Lifeless Planet4/2017  
366Hitman: Absolution2/2018 Yes Yes
367The Evil Within 24/2019
368The Dark Inside Me6/2019
369Dishonored 211/2019Yes
370Hitman 211/2019YesYes
371Rise of the Tomb Raider12/2019
372Assassin’s Creed: Revelations12/2019
373Call of Cthulhu1/2020Yes
375Dead Secret3/2020Yes
376Metro Exodus4/2020
377The Witcher III: Wild Hunt4/2020Yes
378Red Dead Redemption 25/2020Yes
379Shadow of the Tomb Raider5/2020Yes
380The Suicide of Rachel Foster6/2020YesYes
381Song of Horror6/2020
382The Room Three7/2020
383Amnesia 27/2020
384She Sees Red8/2020
385Syberia 38/2020
386Simulacra 29/2020
387The Crew 210/2020Yes
388Dark Pictures: Man of Medan11/2020
389Dark Pictures: Lost Hope12/2020
390HalfLife – Black Mesa1/2021
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