November 24, 2020

How international music helps to open my mind

Can music help you broaden your horizons? Most people typically listen to common “top 40” radio hits and music in their own language (or English as a global medium). But as the runaway Korean hit “Gangnam Style” had shown us, you don’t really need to understand the words of a song to enjoy it! Music can be a way of bringing the world together. We can feel the beat, and enjoy the artistic expression in the rhythm and music videos as well. We can certainly label music as the universal language. In this world of technological globalization we can take […]
November 23, 2020

Jobs are dead —start a business instead!

Traditional “9 to 5” jobs have taken a big hit after the recent pandemic. People are getting used to working from home anyway, and found all the easy technologies available to do so So the question is — if you’re working from home, why stick to one job? Get creative! Start your own thing! Do freelancing, consulting, advising… Create some art or music or a simple product… Hussle up and start you own business… There has never been a cheaper or easier time to put up a website or app, or start any creative online pursuit Spreading the word is […]
November 22, 2020

My special mix of supplements

I take around 15 supplement tablets a day! They are divided to be taken with each meal. At the start of each week, I sort them place them into the pill divider for easier access. These include:  🔹 Multivitamins  🔹 Omega 3  🔹 Vitamin C  🔹 Vitamin D 🔹 Apple cider vinegar capsules 🔹 Zinc & Magnesium 🔹 ALA & CoQ10 🔹 Bodybuilding supplements  🔹 Green veggies powder 🔹 Melatonin for night time I believe this has helped immensely with immunity — especially the first half of the list, as I haven’t caught a cold or flu for the past […]
January 22, 2020

Smartphone Wonders

I was thinking recently about the number of old devices which the modern smartphones has replaced in our lives, I counted 20 so far perhaps you can add some more that I may have missed? Telephone Phone book Music player Video player Flashlight Voice recorder Notepad Computer Diary/Calendar Still camera Video camera Alarm clock Mirror Calculator Pocketwatch Book reader Photo album Health monitor Game console GPS / navigation
January 12, 2020

Intersting TED Talk

January 11, 2020

Start of a New Decade

Happy new year everyone! As we enter the new roaring 20’s decade, I will be blogging and sharing my thoughts more frequently and regularly, hope to spark some good discussions and smart conversation with you all 🙂 مع حلول العقد الجديد سأشرع بالتدوين ومشاركة المحتوى بشكل أكثر انتظاماً ، واتمنى ان الحوار الهادف والبناء مع الجميع.  
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